Non Surgical Nose Job

The nose is the most enhanced feature of our face that can make our personality beautiful, or at the same time, it is the nose that can make us look terribly wrong. You are not alone if you think that if this “Nose” were perfect, I could look breathtakingly beautiful!

It is time to make this dream a reality!

Yes, without surgery, by experiencing a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty with thread in Dubai.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Thread?

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty with Thread is a non-invasiveness and a reversible procedure that uses threads to correct the nose abnormalities by pointing at its tip and making it more prominent and straight. PDO threads are used for nose improvement with results that are not permanent and are reversible. 

How To Prepare Before The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty With Thread?

  • Stop taking blood-thinning medications before the treatment.
  • Increase your vitamin K intake by eating leafy and green vegetables a week before the procedure to minimize the risks of bruising
  • Increase your water intake. 
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking before the treatment. 

The Procedure Of Non-surgical Rhinoplasty With Thread

It takes approximately 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete. It gets started by numbing the nose with the local anesthesia on the nose tip or bridge to make the process comfortable for you. 

You will lie down comfortably with your face in the upward position. Fortunately, there are no incisions, and the cuts are involved. The practitioner inserts the threads in the nose bridge or the tip. The required thread gets inserted, and the remaining cut out. Then, the practitioner reshapes the nose by hand with slight pressure to give a lifting effect. 

Who Can Benefit From The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty With Thread?

  • A patient who has healthy skin wants a mild change or reshaping of the nose is good to go for this thread lift therapy.
  • Both men and women who want a slimmer straight, naturally enhanced nose and are 30 or below can go for the nose thread lift.
  • The treatment is for people of all skin types, excluding those allergic to biomaterials.

Goals Of The Non-Surgical Nose Thread 

The treatment is non-surgical and thus has no intense side effects with the prolonged wait to see the final results. 

It lifts up your nose bridge and the nose tip to enhance the shape by fixing it downward pointing.

This non-surgical therapy is considered effective and safe and works brilliantly with immediate results. 

You will have a slimmer nose with the lifted nasal bridge.

The treatment requires minimum pain, is tolerable and requires no general anesthesia. 

There is no downtime, and the patient is usually instructed to resume the daily activities.

The thread lift reshapes the nose tissue and helps it look more straight.   

The nose rejuvenation therapy is much less expensive, and the results aren’t permanent, so you can easily wait to get rid of the effects if you are not satisfied.

Some Limitations Of Non-Surgical Nose Thread

  • The treatment is best for mild reshaping and slimming the nose. If you want a dramatic change in the nose shape, the treatment isn’t capable of doing that.
  • The therapy can’t help expand or open up your nasal passages.
  • The results aren’t permanent. It depends on you how you look at it. It can be a limitation but a benefit if you are not happy with how it turned out. 

Cost of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Thread Lift Dubai

The expected Non-surgical Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai is 150 AED per thread. 

Which is quite reasonable and pocket friendly than paying a massive amount on the traditional Rhinoplasty and agreeably getting prolonged and intense recovery with the high complications. 

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