Non-Invasive Hair Transplant Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah cost

Say Goodbye to Painful Hair Transplants:

Restore the fullness of the head through our Non-Invasive Hair Transplant in Dubai. Hair thinning, Baldness, and Patchy scalp can be frustrating. To treat such problems, a hair transplant may not be the answer all the time. Modern trends in non-surgical treatments have allowed us to escape the tension of painful surgeries and to guarantee 100% instant satisfactory results.

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we perform various non-invasive hair transplant techniques to take you out of the trauma of risky surgeries. This post has stated each one so you can make choices between the options available to you.

Read ahead to find which one suits you the best.

Non-Invasive Hair Transplant Treatments:

We offer two major treatments for non-surgical transplants.

Hair Replacements:

Hair Replacements are another name for permanent Hair Wigs. Medicated wigs we provide are undetectable and made with original hair which is totally different from traditional hair wigs. They are fixed with clips, tape, or glue that stick to the scalp even for years no matter how much pressure you put on them. You can choose styles, and textures that resemble your original hair.

The procedure of placing Hair replacement or hair wigs is straightforward and gets completed in an hour or two. During treatment, our doctors first analyze the scalp condition and then arrange the hair follicles similarly to the original texture of your hair. They made a custom design hair replacement that is well-proportioned with your face as well as the front hairline. Lastly, they attach the prepared hair wig carefully through bonding glue or any sticky material. This Non-invasive Hair Transplant in Dubai provides fuller heads instantly.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation:

Scalp Micro-pigmentation creates the illusion of fuller hair on the scalp just like microblading does for eyebrows. Using an electric tattoo device pigments the skin of the scalp and results in shaved head look. This usually suits well to those who are a victim of uneven, patchy hair thinning in one or more sites of the scalp. It’s a great and everlasting solution to hair loss.

However, the procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation is started by applying a numbing cream to the scalp. Later, a pigment is made into the epidermal layer of the scalp which effectively replicates the appearance of natural hair follicles.

What Else Should I Consider if I Want to Regrow Natural Hair Permanently?

If the above two treatments don’t really fit well with your needs and you want to regrow the natural hair, then prefer getting our DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). It’s the non-invasive transplant option that works best in every hair loss problem even if it’s complete baldness.

DHI is the advancement of FUE transplants and has excluded the need for cuts, stitches, and deep incisions. Just a small tool with a fine tip is used to extract the hair follicles which are later placed into the balding part of your scalp. This non-invasive surgery can take 6-8 hours to complete, but this is not the exact time for every case.


The average price estimate for a Non-Invasive Hair Transplant in Dubai is AED 4000 to AED 9000. This cost range varies for the unique treatment you decide to undertake as many procedures are part of non-surgical hair transplants.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Anyone who wishes instant fullness in the head is the ideal candidate for our hair replacements and scalp micro pigmentation. These procedures typically best suit those who fear undergoing surgical techniques. Besides, the ideal candidates for DHI are those who demand natural hair growth for a lifetime.

Note that: Quite a very few clinics are offering authentic non-surgical Hair transplants. Search for a trusted one or consider this treatment from us. Being a leading hair restoration clinic in Dubai we propose the most reliable methods that suit well your personal preferences.

Aftercare Tips:

The aftercare guidelines vary from procedure to procedure. For hair wigs or hair replacements, there is no need to follow the long list of instructions regardless of washing the wig. Treat it just like your natural hair and wash it more often to discard the dried scabs on the scalp. Besides, after scalp micro pigmentation, you must elude heavy exercises, swimming, as well as excess sun exposure. Gently moisturize the treated area daily.