NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

A procedure named, NeoGraft aka Automated FUE, is the latest invention in the hair industry. It’s quite similar to FUE hair transplants however the difference is only in extraction. Instead of an individual performing extraction, a specialized device is used. This device has a pressure motor that splits out the grafts carefully and implants them back on the scalp.

So far NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai is the prime consideration for many of us. The only reliable way to look for its charges is face-to-face consultation but before you go for it, read this blog post first. It has enlightened every single aspect of NeoGraft hair transplant cost and associated factors. Continue ahead.

How Much It is For Neograft?

On average, a neo-graft Hair Transplant in Dubai can cost from AED 5,000 to AED 15,000. This range isn’t standard in every level of baldness. For unique cost estimation, you need to book an appointment with our surgeons.

How is The Cost Calculated?

As far as the cost element is concerned, it should be pointed out that it’s not fixed. Many elements can become a cause of fluctuation, ranging from hospital factors to patient factors. Cost and prices heavily depend upon the level of hair loss and the method you chose for your surgery. Plus, the clinic’s infrastructure and the surgeon’s expertise are also responsible for it. While the only sure and precise way to determine cost is private consultation. You can further ask for our financial deals in this consultation. As we announce our different treatments occasionally. Not only this, but we also provide various other plans. Scroll a bit to know about them.

100% Installment Plan:

If you don’t want to pay the full NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, at once, try our installment plan. Get the transplant of your own choice without paying one-time big amounts. The best thing about our easy payment plan is that it is interest-free. You can simply avail of this by contacting our consultants.

You Should Know:

Bear in mind that hair transplants require expert skills as well as reputable clinics. Don’t rush while deciding on the clinic or make any decision right after attracting the lower cost offered. Remember, the cost of a hair transplant shouldn’t be less than AED 5000, anything smaller than this means there is a risk. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, we never compromise the quality of hair transplants over the rates we offer. Our surgeries are safe, and trusted, and deliver mind-blowing results.

The Takeaway:

Modern advancements in the cosmetic industry have made it so much easier to bring back lost hair securely. Despite the traditional invasive methods, you can now easily go for Neograft which is the most preferred hair transplant nowadays. It is mostly chosen for receding hairlines. What has worked for your friend might not be the best solution for you. Your body is unique and it needs unique treatment. Even though it’s Neograft, Fue, or Fut, consultation is important. At Dynamic, we always emphasize providing the best hair transplant price for all types of transplants. Contact directly to our team if you have more inquiries about Neograft Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai.