Most Advanced Technology for Hair Transplantation in Dubai Cost

Plan your Hair Transplant using Modern Technology. 

Dubai one of the most advanced places for offering the best hair transplants. This city sticks to the latest inventions in transplantation techniques to come up with amazing results and a high success rate. This is the reason why Dubai’s hair transplants are so successful.  The Most Advanced Technology for Hair Transplantation in Dubai is so far reported best and most valued practice ever. It gives more hair and natural results if you get this from Dubai’s best Hair Transplant Doctor, Abdul Majeed Makkiya. This means fewer procedures, smaller investments, and less time away from work. Continue ahead to find its procedural details, costs, and associated risks.

Latest Hair Restoration Method- FUE:

In the field of transplantation, one name for modernity is FUE. This procedure is reported sophisticated than any traditional procedure. Typically designed for those who desire natural results at the best value. It’s not intended for high fatigue, the procedure itself is simple. Usually, it endorses local anesthesia, graft extraction, and their placement on the bald region. The grafts can be separated from any area of the body where healthy hair exists. Most often, the backside of the head is deliberated donor area in many baldness cases. However, you will be informed of all such details and further candidacy criteria in the consultation session. While the ARTAS Robotic system is the new and most advanced FUE technique available. By moving on next title you can explore its procedural particulars.

ARTAS ROBOTIC- Advancement in FUE:

The ARTAS system is completely automated and utilizes specialized technology and a robotic arm to precisely carry out the hair grafts and their proper placement. The entire surgery is controlled by robotics. With their intelligent algorithms, precise and consistent graft dissection and placement is conceded resulting in faster recovery and outstanding results. Before this transplant takes place, our surgeons use state-of-art technology to create the simulated model. This model will show you the entails of fully restored hair along with the allocated direction. You will be able to customize the results according to your preference and absolute goal.

Choose The Best One:

Just as stated above, two procedures are reported as Most Advanced Technology for Hair Transplantation in Dubai. To decide which one stands for you, you need to understand both of them in detail. For this, make research or prefer consulting our hair restoration expert. Being the leaders in Hair Transplants, we highly focus on the results and health of the patient. Based on these two factors best decision is locked.

Estimated Hair Transplant Cost:

Once you have selected your hair transplant technique if it’s a Robotic FUE or a simple FUE, our surgeons carry out detailed analysis on the scalp to provide you with a good estimate of the cost. They examine the baldness level, the required number of grafts and possible complications to conclude some figures. On average, AED 35,000 is the standard cost estimate for Robotic transplantation. If this is unaffordable to you, get our easy installment plan or check with your insurance company if they cover the cost of this procedure. Virtually, insurance agencies aren’t supposed to pay the Hair Transplant Cost due to its cosmetic nature. A person has to pay for it on their own.

The Takeaway!

Over any other typical home remedy, hair transplant is valued so highly. And when it comes to FUE and ARTAS Robotic FUE, no other procedure can be beaten. These two processes are reported as the latest transplantation. They can only be done in 10-12 hours with high precision and no linear scars. These moderate-density procedures are typically good from mild to severe cases. Though, it’s better to endure FUT in severe cases of baldness. Even though it’s invasive but when more grafts are requisite it only remains the best, authentic solution.

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