Monsplasty Cost in Dubai

Fat deposition in different areas of the body is the most common cause of declining a person’s personality and confidence. Deposition of fats in the mons pubis area causes it. Nowadays, individuals only eat junk food which is mostly unhygienic. It contains fats that cause hormonal imbalances and start to deposit in the area of the pubis. Our body works under a specific mechanism in which it digests fats and stores them in the liver. When excessive fat intake happens it starts to store in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin which causes the body part to look thicker and fuller.

This appearance looks awful and makes the individual less confident. Fat deposition mostly occurs in the pubis area. It can also occur after the pregnancy/C-section procedure. Exercises and diet are not the seldom solutions to decrease this deposition. Doctors mostly use this treatment to remove the deposited fat. If you want to look more alluring you must get to know about Monplasty Cost in Dubai.

What is it?

It is a surgical technique that reduces the size of the mons pubis. Mons pubis is an area around the pubic bone. Fats get deposits in this area and alter its shape that makes that area look slacked and thicker than before. Individuals get more concerned about their looks because it seems to be very strange and ultimately they had a fall in their self-confidence. It is more common in women than in men.


It is an operative technique in which the surgeon follows different steps to remove fats. Firstly, your doctor makes sure that you aren’t taking any kind of medications that can cause further complications. After the consultation, the surgery further proceeds. He gives general anesthesia and makes an incision along the natural curve of the mons pubis. The surgeon makes sure to keep the incision in the targeted area. Afterward, he removes the extra fats and tissues from that area. Then closes the area with the help of stitches. Local anesthesia uses liposuction rather than direct incision.


Monsplasty helps to shape and contour the mons pubis area. Furthermore, It helps to decrease the laxity and slackness of the area to make it look firmer and symmetrical. As a result, it enhances the person’s self-confidence and makes it more appealing.


It occurs due to various factors but some common ones are as follows

  • With increasing age, Hormonal imbalances prior to occurring that cause the fat to deposit in the skin. It deposits in the mons pubis that can change its shape and symmetry.
  • Also, occur due to pregnancy or C-section.
  • In addition, this can happen due to genetics and being overweight.


We have the best surgeons performing this procedure. Its cost can range from AED 1,599 to AED 3,999. Moreover, We provide you with the best cost-effective packages depending on the severity of the disease and the surgeon you prefer.


Besides, it is an invasive procedure one needs to follow the aftercare routine very strictly to get easily curable.

  • Eat protein to increase the healing of the wound.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Do not lift heavy weights.
  • Refrain from doing strenuous activity.
  • Take your all prescribed medications in time.
  • Make sure you complete your follow-up with the doctor regularly.


This procedure implements several benefits as follows.

  • The increase in the size of the mons pubis can cause irritation and discomfort. This procedure can help reduce it.
  • It boosts your self-confidence and morale.
  • Provides you with the contour and perfectly shaped mons-pubis.

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