Monosplasty In Dubai

The Human Body is literally the best artwork made by the King of Artists! You can still make it look sculpted with the Mons Pubis Fat Reduction in Dubai!

A universal fact is that we all go through thousands of changes physically and emotionally, and at the same time, the truth cannot be denied that change is the beauty of life. If you have changed physically over the period negatively, life is short, so you must make efforts to get back to the attractive and healthy body you used to have. A woman’s life is the name of physical change. One of the reasons that a body looks completely different and appears to be flawed is the fat on the pubic area. Get that unwanted fat bulge removed with the Monsplasty in Dubai

What is Mons Pubis?

Mons Pubis is the fat upper the pubic area. It’s fatty tissue or the extra fat bulge located over the pubic bone. The fat bulge on the pubic area does not look good, and some people find it difficult to wear their favorite dress as it gets visible like tight-fitted clothes, underwear, bikini, swimsuits, skinny jeans and tight dresses. This extra fat bulge causes unattractiveness and makes people low-confidence. 

Causes of Fat Bulges

There can be several reasons for the fat bulge over the pubic area:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Obesity or Weight Loss
  • Genetics

Cosmetic Procedures For FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area):

Cosmetic treatments are recommended for people who don’t benefit from exercise and diet. Intimate Surgery Clinic in Dubai offers several surgical and non-surgical approaches to reduce the unwanted fat of FUPA. 


It’s a fat freezing technique based on applying the cooling sensation to the targeted fat on the mons pubis. CoolSculpting uses the liquid nitrogen to the fat in the pubic area, and the temperature is cold enough to freeze the fat cells. After the procedure gets completed, the frozen fat cells are out of the body through the lymphatic system. It is the most commonly used and preferred extra fat elimination technique.


It is a minimally invasive fat removal and body sculpting procedure. It’s a liposuction technique which uses laser technology to remove unwanted fat and tighten the skin. The process gets done by plucking fat cells one by one without pain. Unlike Liposuction, it gives results in a month without a prolonged recovery time, and the patient can resume the social and daily activities within a day or two.

Scarless Labiaplasty:

No, it’s definitely not like what you think. Yes, it’s a labiaplasty but luckily, not a surgical one. That means there are no incisions and cuts involved. The scarless labiaplasty involves using radiofrequency energy. The practitioner uses a device that discharges radiofrequency radiations to the fat upper the pubic area resulting in shrunk and tight fat tissues.


A commonly used fat elimination surgical procedure that removes the fat upper pubic area by using the high-pressure suction approach to remove the unwanted fat. The treatment gets done under the local anesthetic in which the doctor marks the targeted spot at the mons pubis, and then incisions are made to remove the unwanted fat, which is further sucked out. The procedure is not recommended for loose skin as it makes them saggier. 


Monsplasty is the primary technique used to remove the excess fat and the excess loose skin on the pubic area. Monsplasty therapy makes incisions like c-sections to eliminate the fat bulge.

The treatment does not only remove the unwanted fat bulges from the mons pubic but also gives it a lifted look. Monsplasty makes it easy for women to wear their favorite dresses and slay as they used to before. 

Cost of Mons Pubis Fat Reduction in Dubai:

Several techniques are used for fat reduction purposes. They cost differently and are used for different purposes. However, the patient should expect to be charged for the Liposuction starting from 20,000 AED (Roughly).

Monsplasty cost in Dubai varies from person to person and depends on the amount of fat removed. So, the cost of each fat reduction therapy relies on the patient’s problem, the amount of fat a patient wants to eliminate and other essential factors. 

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