What is a Mole?

A mole is a common small, dark black or brown growth on the surface of the skin. The moles can appear on the skin when the cells responsible for the pigment production grow in a cluster instead of spreading individually on the skin. Moles are of different sizes and shapes. Also, the hair growth on the mole is completely normal to have. People having darker skin can have more moles than lighter skin. Having moles is completely normal, if they irritate, cause discomfort, pain, or change color, they need to get removed through proper treatment. Dermatologists in Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic  Dubai use the best way to remove the moles from the face.

Mole Removal Treatments:

There are four types of Mole Removal Treatments:

  1. Excision
  2. Laser Mole Removal
  3. Freezing Technique
  4. Shave Mole Removal


In this treatment, the doctor injects the general anesthesia in the mole, so the patient remains calm during the process. Then, the doctor breaks off the mole by using a sanitized surgical instrument or scalpel. After cutting off the mole, the patient may get stitches on the treated area.

Freezing Technique:

In the freezing technique, the doctor applies Liquid Nitrogen to the area to destroy the targeted tissue by freezing it off.

Shave Mole Removal:

In this Shave Removal Process, local anesthesia is used to numb the area to avoid discomfort. Then the doctor keeps on shaving the layers of the mole using a sanitized surgical instrument until the mole is completely shaved off.

Laser Mole Removal:

In Laser Mole Removal, Doctor uses the concentrated light beams to eliminate the targeted tissue. Doctors recommend two to three laser treatments for the complete removal of the mole.

Who needs a Mole Removal Treatment?

There can be several reasons to remove a mole:

  • You need to remove the mole if it changes pigment than other moles on the face or the body.
  • The mole should be removed if it has an uneven rim and is bumpy.
  • The mole gets removed as soon as possible if it is causing pain.
  • The patient needs mole removal treatment if it is puffed up, and has redness.
  • You need a mole removal treatment if it irritates you.
  • A person needs a mole removal if it starts looking different from the other moles on the face or body.
  • You need to remove a mole if it rubs with your clothes and causes discomfort.
  • If the mole causes itchiness or bleeds.
  • You need to remove a mole if you feel less confident about having it, also you want to enhance your facial appearance.

If you are going through one of the above skin conditions, consult the dermatologist, and get the Best Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai.

Benefits of Mole Removal Treatment:

  • It makes your skin clearer and soft.
  • It makes skin clearer, so you can easily shave, thread or wax the area without injury.
  • It enhances your Facial Appearance and boosts your confidence.
  • It prevents the irritation that a person goes through when they get rubbed with jewelry or clothes.
  • It is a short procedure that provides permanent results with no downtime.
  • It discourages the development of cancerous moles. Like moles that keep changing the skin pigment and shape must be examined and removed as soon as fast because they may lead to skin diseases or Skin Cancer.

Maximum benefits and low risk of complications depend on the quality of treatment, and experience of the dermatologist. Experience the best Benign Mole Removal in Dubai, and get the ultimate benefits and desired results. 

Side Effects of Mole Removal Treatments:

There are fewer temporary side effects of the Mole Removal Treatments:

  • Mild pain
  • Slight Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Mole Removal Treatment Cost in Dubai:

Mole Removal treatment Cost in Dubai starts from 600 AED per mole. But Dynamic in Dubai has the best offer in town! Mole Removal in Dubai just in 249 AED.

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