Mole Removal Treatment Cost in Dubai

People are looking for an ideal solution to remove moles because when moles are present on the skin, the skin looks unattractive and flawed. Laser Mole Removal Treatment is gaining a lot of popularity all around Dubai because it is affordable and delivers wonderful results in less time. Moles cannot be hidden by makeup because mostly, they are dark-colored. They can appear on any part of the body but look very bad when they show up on the face. Don’t worry we are offering innovative treatments at our clinic to help you in this regard.

In most cases, it does not reappear once it’s gone. Some mole removal treatments produce immediate results while others take time. Another important thing about the treatment is that they do not have any major and permanent side effects. The cost of laser mole removal treatment is comparatively lower than other treatments. We have millions of happy customers who are satisfied with the results of mole removal treatment.

Mole Removal Treatments:

Mole removal treatment can be performed by adopting any of these four techniques:

  1. Laser Mole Removal.
  2. Surgical Mole Removal.
  3. Liquid nitrogen.
  4. Cauterization.
  5. Excision Mole Removal.

Meet our representative to help you choose the best treatment for your specific medical conditions. The patient will require 2-3 weeks to completely recover from the treatment. If the mole was removed through biopsy, then the patient has to wear bandages for some days that need to be changed once or twice per day. You need to know about the complications you will face during and after getting Mole removal treatment in Dubai. Make your decision about the choice of technique sensibly. Common side effects of the treatments include:

  • Infection.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Bruising.
  • Swelling.
  • Scarring.
  • Discomfort.


Stop worrying about moles by getting surgical or non-surgical mole removal treatment in Dubai. The results of surgical mole removal treatment are permanent. The treatment is expensive but the results are brilliantly satisfying. On the other side, if the mole was eliminated through laser then the probability is that they will reappear at some stage in your life.

Laser Mole Removal Cost Factors:

All these above-mentioned treatments are effective because each one has its benefits. However, the Laser Mole Removal Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is not fixed. Continue reading this blog to know more about the total cost. Common cost factors of Mole removal treatment are,

  • Type of treatment.
  • The expertise of the surgeon.
  • Number of moles.
  • Size of mole.
  • Geographical Location of the clinic.

The Expertise of the Practitioner:

The expertise of skincare practitioners matters a lot. Usually, experienced practitioners charge more than others but they deliver quality and satisfying results so you need to be careful while choosing a practitioner for your mole removal treatment. Make sure he is qualified, skilled, and approved.

Number of Sessions:

Several sessions play a vital role in determining the total cost of Mole Removal Dubai. In the case of laser treatment, 4-6 sessions are required to get optimal results. The greater the number of sessions, the higher the price. The practitioner will tell you about the total number of sessions after properly examining you and knowing your expectations.

Size and Number of Moles:

The total cost of mole removal treatment also depends upon the size and number of moles because more effort and time of the practitioner is required to treat the moles that are greater in number and bigger in size than smaller and fewer moles.

Geographical Location of the Clinic:

The location of the clinic also matters. The cost varies from country to country and city to city. Generally, the prices are a little higher in Dubai than in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Type of Treatment:

There is a surgical option, but it is more expensive than other treatments. Mostly, patients and doctors prefer laser mole removal treatment because of its non-invasive nature and low cost.

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