Mole Removal Surgery

Worried about having moles on your skin? Moles are bothering you? Losing confidence because of moles? Moles are hindering your beauty? Physically and mentally get disturbed by moles? Mole Removal Surgery in Dubai is the best option for you. We gathered all the information about its surgery and types.

What Are Moles?

A mole, also known as a naevus, is a common skin growth that appears when melanocytes, the cells that produce color, cluster together. On your skin, they appear as tiny, dark marks or, occasionally, as lumps that are flesh-colored. Moles can come in a variety of hues, forms, and sizes. Some moles are harmful but some are not. 

You don’t need to have a mole removed unless it bothers you unless it is cancerous. The mole can still be removed if you don’t like how it makes you look or if it’s irritating you because it’s rubbing against your clothing. So effective Skin Care Treatments in Dubai have been introduced for you. 


Melanocytes, which are skin cells, develop in clusters, which results in moles. Generally speaking, melanocytes are found all throughout the skin. They generate melanin, a natural pigment responsible for skin color.

Who Can Have This?

Before having any treatment for mole removal clients should know that are they the ideal candidates for this procedure or not. You are an ideal candidate if you have;

  • Pigmentation on Skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Wants to get rid of moles
  • Have naevus on different portions of your body
  • Desire to look more youthful and younger
  • Not an expecting or lactating mother
  • You have reasonable expectations for the operation.
  • You don’t have any allergies or skin conditions.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to receive the treatment.
  • You don’t have any chronic illnesses.

Treatment Options For Removal Of Mole:

Usually, a mole can be removed by a dermatologist during a routine office visit. To finish a mole removal, a second appointment may occasionally be required. There are different techniques used for Mole Removal Surgery in Dubai:


A noncancerous mole is removed using a little amount of liquid nitrogen in this operation.


An electric current is used in this operation to burn off the top layers of a noncancerous mole. The excision of the mole can require more than one session.


The mole will be removed from the skin’s surface with a surgical blade in this process.


In order to completely remove the mole and repair the skin, this process goes further than simple shaving. If the mole is malignant, this kind of removal is frequently employed.

Home Treatments: 

There are several ways to get rid of naevus at home, but doing so can be quite risky for you. Patients may not be aware of the mole’s potential for malignancy, which makes it potentially harmful. Therefore, it is best to take adequate precautions and seek Mole Removal Surgery in Dubai. To consult an expert, patients must come to our clinic.


  • It helps to clean up and soften your skin.
  • It clears the skin so you may easily wax, thread, or shave the region without getting hurt.
  • It improves your facial appearance and gives you more self-assurance.
  • It eliminates the annoyance that results from being rubbed by jewelry or clothing.
  • It is a quick operation with no downtime that produces long-lasting results.
  • It prevents the growth of malignant moles. The color and shape of the skin should be inspected and removed as soon as possible since they could create skin conditions or skin cancer, similar to moles that constantly changing.


At our clinic, usually, the price can be changed to fit your procedure’s needs. Prices for processes are not set in stone or consistent. The cost is influenced by several variables, including the rigor of the treatment area, the clinical site, the dermatologist’s knowledge, and the method version. The cost of Mole Removal Surgery Cost in Dubai starts from AED 600. The surgeon will give you free treatment and complete cost guidance during your appointment. The following variables affect the exact cost:

  • Applicant’s requirements for the targeted area.
  • The expert’s knowledge and abilities
  • Therapy conditions for applicants.
  • The geographical location of the clinic.

What Consequences Might There Be?

The procedure carries certain dangers, but these soon diminish. Among the negative consequences are;

  • Feeling of nausea.
  • Bruising.
  • Bleeding.
  • Allergy.
  • Partial loss of feeling.

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