Micro Link Hair Extensions in Dubai

For a variety of reasons, hair extensions have risen in popularity recently. The need for immediate hair alterations is one of the main drivers of the escalating trend. Without having to wait for natural hair development, hair extensions provide people the chance to have longer, thicker, and more voluminous hair in a matter of hours. Hair extensions are best for special occasions, events, or just to modify one’s appearance without committing to a permanent change. Additionally, Micro Link Hair Extensions might be a solution for those whose hair is thinning or falling out, enhancing their confidence and sense of self.

However, most people face hair loss which can also affect their mental health. As we know, hair treatments may take some time to produce effective results. Therefore, people try hair extensions as a quick solution. However, there are various new extensions available such as Micro Link Hair Extensions in Dubai.

What are Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Micro link hair extensions are a Type of Hair Extension technique that entails utilizing tiny metal or silicone beads, rings, or cylinders to affix individual hair strands to natural hair. The current hair gets more length, volume, and occasionally even highlights with this process.

This attaching method does not require any heat, adhesives, or chemicals. Instead, the hair from the extension is threaded through a tiny link and tightened to keep it in place, forming a covert and secure relationship. As the natural hair develops, the extension also requires maintenance often to make sure the extensions stay in place and meld naturally with the existing hair.


Hair Extensions in Dubai are getting common in practice among individuals. The experts perform the procedure very carefully. Similarly,  the micro-link hair extension process entails numerous steps. In order to attach individual strands of extension hair to your natural hair, he uses tiny metal or silicone beads, rings, or cylinders. The professionals perform this procedure in their office and attach the strands of hair very carefully to provide natural results.

  • The doctor first consults with the individual to talk about the length, volume, and style of your ideal hair. He also evaluates your natural hair to see whether micro-link extensions are a good fit for you.
  • Your natural hair color or the color you choose must match the extension hair. The expert will assist you in making the best color selection for a smooth mix.
  • He will then clean your natural hair and also dry them to provide a clean base for attachment.
  • To make a clear path for the extension strands to connect, the expert will meticulously separate your hair.
  • He then connects your natural hair through a ring, bead, or micro link in a short portion by using specialized pliers to clamp the micro link firmly. This sandwiches your natural hair into the extension hair strand and micro link.
  • Positions the rows of micro link extensions strategically around your head to create a seamless mix.
  • At last, he trims and mixes the extensions to achieve a smooth integration with your natural hair when all the extensions are in place.

Aftercare of Micro Link Hair Extensions:

Proper maintenance is necessary to preserve the appearance, lifespan, and health of your natural hair after having micro-link hair extensions. The most important aftercare steps are 

  • Handle the extensions gently to avoid pulling on the links.
  • Use heat-protectant products and reduce the amount of heat styling.
  • For gentle detangling, use a hair extension brush with loops.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free and kind to extensions.
  • Nourish the ends and mid-lengths with conditioner.
  • Excess water should be gently squeezed out before air drying.
  • Before going to bed, braid or bun your hair loosely.
  • Keep extensions away from saltwater and chlorine.
  • Set up recurring maintenance times.
  • To avoid harm, get extensions professionally removed.

Benefits of Micro Link Hair Extensions:

Hair Wigs in Dubai provide the individual with several benefits. Similarly, these extensions have gained popularity because of their capacity to change hair in a natural and diverse way. It is an easy way to design your hair as you want and an efficient way to hide hair thinning.

  • Natural hair seamlessly blends in.
  • No heat or glue is needed, minimizing harm.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for ease of wear.
  • Placement may be altered to provide the desired length and volume.
  • Curling and straightening are only a couple of the many style possibilities.
  • Longevity that can endure for several months with adequate maintenance.
  • Hardly little daily maintenance is necessary.
  • Chemical-free safe attaching technique.
  • The barrier of defense for the development of natural hair.
  • A quick change for the desired hair appearance

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