Penis enlargement surgery Men Should know About the Complications

Problems related to the general organs, especially in males have become very common nowadays. It is believed that in sizes and shapes of the general organs are based on hereditary and genetics however there are certainly other environmental factors that can also contribute to the changes in alterations in them. Among all penis enlargements, one is on the hot seat. around 8 in 10 opt for a penis enlargement surgery for stops certain complications that should be known before going for the surgery. 

Why Do Men Go for Penis Enlargement Surgeries? 

  • To improve their sexual pleasure.
  • For the correction of erection.
  • To increase the width and girth of their penis.
  •  To increase the rate of fertility.
  • For the enhancement of their masculine personality.
  • To make insertion pleasurable for their partner.

What kind of Penis Enlargement Methods Do We Offer?


It is one of the most conventional methods for the enlargement of the penis. We have a team of well-trained staff for penile enlargement surgery. The procedure involves the fat transfer or a craft of fat directly placed underneath the skin present within the penis first these fat cells are then expected to multiply in a few days’ time and as a result the penis becomes wider, enhanced in terms of girth. The entire procedure is done under the influence of general anesthesia and there is no chance at the patient may feel any kind of pain or discomfort during the surgical treatment. 


Non-surgical penile enlargement is done by hyaluronic acid-based injections or fillers stop they are directly inserted into the penile shaft and the agent which is present within the injection is expected to improve and enhance the volume of the penis this video is a completely noninvasive one and has no side effects as such. 

What are the Complications You Should Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery? 

You know that anything that is invasive comes along with multiple complications. The following are the prime potential risk that can take place after a penile enlargement surgery: 


After the first few hours of the surgery, they may be mild to moderate swelling.  This can be because of water retention and the change in the regular blood flow. 


Invasive techniques, especially surgical intervention are very prone to infections. This is because of the exposure of the internal structures to the environment. Surgeons normally prescribe antibiotics for postoperative treatment because this can limit the rate of infections. Patients who have not taken antibiotics regularly after the treatment is at high risk of developing infections as a complication after penis enlargement surgery in Dubai

Abscess and Nodule Formation:

Some patients do report pus discharge or abscess formation from the treatment site or the place where an incision is given. This is secondary to infections. If the patient has taken regular antibiotics the risk of abscess can minimize to a very greater level. 

On the other hand, nodules can be vulnerable especially if the patient has very thin skin.  

Problems with Sexual Intercourse:

The first intercourse, you perform after opinion enlargement surgery can be slightly painful and discomforting. This is because of the stitches normally or the change in the blood flow. 

Erectile Dysfunction:

In the case of an inexperienced surgeon and lack of knowledge, it is very common that the veins and nurse can get damaged during the surgical treatment. As a result, it can lead to erectile dysfunction also.

How Can You Minimize the Risk of Complications? 

  • Listen to post-operative instructions carefully.
  • Follow the after cares religiously.
  • Abstaining from the diet is prohibited by the surgeon.
  • Never skip the antibiotics and medications prescribed by the Doctor. 


It is important to acknowledge the complications that can arise if you become negligent. Luckily our clinic has some well-versed and experienced surgeons whose patients have never complained of any postoperative complications as such. Book your appointment now and place yourself in safe hands.