Men beard line laser hair removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Men’s beard line laser hair removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a popular option to eliminate Beard Hair for a longer period. In this treatment, the hairs present above the neck are removed to create a permanent beard style. The treatment is also suitable for you if you have ingrown hair. It has minimal downtime and the procedure is safe, quick, and very effective.

Why men Beard Line Laser Hair Removal is best?

The treatment has made beard styling easier and simpler because it saves the time and money that boys have to spend to line up the beard over and over again. It boosts an individual’s confidence and improves their way of living.

Advice when it comes to Beard Line laser hair removal:

Before the treatment, talk to a doctor to check whether you are a suitable candidate or not. Generally, dark and thick-haired guys get the best results from the treatment. So, if you have light-colored hair then you should go for other hair removal methods. Only shaving is allowed. You have to avoid waxing, tweezing, and threading a week before the treatment. Inform the doctor if you are currently taking any medications.

How many sessions are required?

Each session of laser hair removal for the beard line takes almost 15 – 20 minutes to complete. The procedure may leave you with bruised and swollen skin but don’t worry it will return to its normal state in just a few days. Multiple sessions are required and they must be spaced 5-7 weeks apart.

Cost of beard line laser hair removal:

The cost of Men’s beard line laser hair removal is highly variable and it typically starts from 490 AED. Contact our experts to know the exact price of the procedure. There are several factors by which overall cost is affected a few of them are listed below,

  • The geographical location of the clinic.
  • The expertise of the surgeon.
  • Type of hair you want to eliminate.

Is the procedure safe?

Because we use low-level laser light in the treatment the procedure is completely safe. It doesn’t cause any pain but the patient will experience some discomfort during it. To control this discomfort the surgeon might apply local anesthetic on the treatment site.

What should you do before and after getting Men beard line laser hair removal?

Before the treatment, you have to shave the entire face because when laser passes through that area the shaved hair follicles get destroyed. Avoid excessive sun exposure and self-tanning for some weeks before the treatment. Do not work out post-treatment because it can increase the side effects. However, after about 48 hours you will be allowed to continue normal activities.

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