Liquid Facelift for Jowls in Dubai | Face Lift Cost

It’s a fact of life! As the years go by, the face loses collagen and elastin, which contributes to sagging facial features. This loss of facial volume also leads to the formation of wrinkles and folds.

A surgical facelift is one approach to reversing the work of time. But it is an invasive procedure requiring anaesthesia and significant recovery time, and it does not give facial features youthful volume or dimensions. But now, thanks to advances in dermal filler technology and improvements in injection techniques, we have a remarkable breakthrough in Non-surgical face rejuvenation known as the liquid facelift.

What is a liquid facelift?

The liquid facelift is a method that rejuvenates the face and makes the visible effects of ageing on the faceless noticeable. It uses dermal fillers combined with Botox to lift and contour the face with the added benefit of wrinkle reduction.

Each dermal filler has unique attributes that work on specific areas of the face replacing lost volume and stimulating collagen production. Botox is used in conjunction with dermal fillers to provide added lift and help the filler last longer. When used together, dermal fillers and botox can correct any specific facial features.

What can a liquid facelift do?

A liquid facelift can correct any number of facial features. It can:

  • Lift and diminish jowls.
  • Open up your eyes or lift your eyelids.
  • Fix the deep lines on the forehead.
  • Reduce the nasolabial folds or the indentation lines between the nose and outer corners of the lips.
  • Correct the wrinkles on the face that appear naturally with time.
  • Restore a more natural look of sunken and aged cheeks.

Since each person is unique and has varying degrees of collagen depletion, skin damage and skin laxity. Each patient’s goals and facial features are taken into account while considering the proper procedure for a liquid facelift

Liquid facelift for jowls in Dubai:

Liquid facelift restores volume to the cheeks, improves the appearance of some folds, and adds volume to the depressions. It can do anything from lifting eyelids to correcting wrinkles, and it is certainly possible to use liquid facelift for jowls in Dubai since liquid facelift is specifically designed according to the needs of each patient if someone wants to correct jowls with liquid facelift and avoid going for facelift surgery. The doctor will decide which dermal fillers will work better to achieve this goal.

The cost of Liquid Facelift:

The cost of a liquid facelift ranges from 1500 AED to 3000 AED

When to get a liquid facelift?

Liquid facelifts work for people who want a natural look with little to no downtime. Most people return to work and their normal activities right away. However, with any injection, there may be mild swelling and redness at the injection site. Occasionally, bruising may occur, which usually clears in a week. So, here’s when to get it:

  1. When you are between the ages of 30 and 50 with mild skin ageing.
  2. When you desire a non-surgical way to correct volume loss in the face.
  3. When you want to see temporary results and do not want to commit.  

Advantages of a liquid facelift:

There are several advantages of a liquid facelift for ageing skin, especially when compared to a surgical facelift, which is an expensive and invasive facelift procedure that requires extended downtime and the use of anaesthesia.

Below are some of the critical advantages of a liquid facelift:

  • Less expensive than a surgical facelift.
  • Anaesthesia or any other form of sedation is not required because it is not a surgical procedure.
  • Minimal recovery and downtime, you can just put on some concealer after the treatment, and no one would even know you got a treatment done.
  • Looks completely natural when done by an expert.
  • It is considered relatively safe with little to no side effects.
  • You can decide how and when you want to get the procedure; you can space out your sessions or get them done in one visit.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results, you don’t have to stress because the results are temporary.

The Takeaway:

Contact Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to book a free consultation now and find out how a Liquid FaceLift can help you get youthful and refreshing skin again. We offer the best services in Dubai. Our experienced professionals will help you decide the best options for you. A liquid facelift is a great non-surgical option for correcting the noticeable symptoms of age. It can quickly correct jowls and other age-related issues. There are several advantages of a liquid facelift compared to a surgical facelift.