Liposonix Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Liposonix Treatment innovation is a new way to dispose of fat from the body. It is a simple, quick, and effective body-reshaping treatment.

This treatment is typically performed in a doctor’s office under local anesthetic. The practitioner uses an FDA-approved, safe Liposonix device built on ultrasound energy to reduce fat. The process takes just 15 minutes to complete, and as soon as it is done, you can leave the office.

As far as the results are concerned, unlike other non-invasive fat reduction treatments, patients see notable results in just one or two sessions. Likewise, full results show up within five to six weeks. But please note that results may vary from person to person. That depends on the amount of fat/ weight to lose, the patient’s needs, and the number of sessions.

Is Liposonix Worth it?

  • Though it has been brought into the beauty industry to help people lose stubborn fat, a few obese individuals also opt for it. It can result in about a 1.5-2 cm reduction in the targeted area.
  • The second biggest benefit is that it is extremely budget-friendly. This is probably due to the fact that it is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Without undergoing the knife, patients lose a substantial amount of fat.

The above-mentioned advantages show that Liposonix is certainly worth a try.

I really do hope that now you truly understand the treatment, so let’s move on to the cost of Liposonix treatment.

How Much Money Will you Need to Get This Treatment?

In Dubai, the cost of Liposonix treatment ranges between AED 800 to AED 2,000 per session. Price can be more or less depending on the amount of fat/weight to lose, the number of sessions, the targeted area, the reputation of the clinic, and the doctor you choose.

Although Liposonix treatment prices can be high, many patients find the cost worth it to have fat reduced.

Cost Trends:

The primary cost-defining factors are:

The Experience of the Doctors:

Actually, the cost patient pays depends on many things, but one of them is always the doctor’s level of experience. If you choose an experienced practitioner to perform your Liposonix treatment, you will have to prepare yourself financially too.

Amount of Fat or Weight to Lose:

This is another important factor that will affect Liposonix treatment costs in Dubai. The greater the excess fat or weight, the more money you will pay.

Target Area:

The area of the body you want to fix is another important cost trend. Generally speaking, larger areas of the body respond well to Liposonix treatment but at the same time, the treatment becomes more expensive.

The Reputation of the Clinic:

Please don’t choose a clinic based solely on the cost. Make sure that the clinic you choose for your treatment has the best practitioners. Although clinics with such doctors charge more, people prefer choosing them.

Choose a Reputable Clinic:

As mentioned above, you need to select the clinic based on the expertise, skillset, and qualifications of the professionals that work there. While you may not get discounts on treatments in such clinics, the treatment outcome will be worth it.

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