Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Dubai

Lip reduction surgery—new beauty norm

Like it or loathe it, if big lips are your concern, Lip Reduction Surgery in Dubai is for you. It’s the surgical process of altering the shapes of lips exactly as per your desires. However, besides this surgery, some alternatives also exist including cheek dermal fillers, make-up techniques, and so on.

Below, you can also catch Lip Reduction Surgery Costs offered in the UAE state. 


Lip Reduction Surgery Costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can vary from AED 8,000 to AED 13,000. However, the average price is AED 10,000. This cost range can fluctuate as per the requirement of the patient and the nature of the surgery.

Important Factors:

Just like other cosmetic procedures, this surgery isn’t covered by insurance. You can expect to perceive a variation in estimated cost depending upon the provider’s location, the extent of surgery, and certain health conditions. In some cases, you might need more than one surgery.

However, it all depends upon the existing lips’ condition and the wanted one. Note that, there is no fixed rate for this surgery due to a lot of minor expenses such as anesthesia fees, lab tests, room charges, etc. Usually, clinics charge separate fees for such outlays but at Dynamic, you will receive one standard cost estimate deprived of any additional charges.

Financial Plans:

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai aims to provide affordable procedures without the burden of paying big amounts at once. Our easy payment plan can allow you to pay thousands of dirhams in installments without any interest. However, you can also keep yourself informed of our discounted offers through our Instagram, and Facebook pages.

What Does Lip Reduction Surgery Involve?

Lip reduction surgery is done on an outpatient basis and takes 1-2 hours to complete. Patients are kept under general anesthesia for a comfortable experience. During surgery, surgeons make a necessary incision intending to diminish the probability of scarring.

You can have this surgery on one or both of your lips—this also affects Lip Reduction Surgery costs in Dubai.


Lip reduction surgery has a high success rate. Till now, no major complications reported. It is an ample option to consider to decrease the size of your lips.

Lip Reduction Surgery Alternatives:

Although surgery sounds best to reduce the size of lips still if it seems invasive, some other alternatives can help reduce the size of lips to some considerable extent. Below are some potential ones, check them out.

  • Get dermal fillers in the cheeks to add volume to the upper part of the face
  • Try facial exercises under medical supervision
  • Apply foundation or concealer to shape your lips properly
  • Use darker lip color shades instead of nude ones
  • Stay hydrated to lessen inflammation

Wrapping Up!

Lips are the focus of attention in beauty. They must be properly sized, not too small plus nor too big. However, people being embarrassed by big lips or hanging down isn’t exceptional. To define the contours of lip borders for a sculpted look, we provide Lip reduction in Dubai. It’s priced quite high but our financial plans can ease the payment. You can compare our prices, patient reviews, and offered services for your consolation.

As this surgery requires incisions, a complete medical check-up is necessary. Plus, it’s important to discuss all the potential risks and costs beforehand. For further inquiries regarding Lip Reduction Surgery Costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, contact us.