How much does it cost for lip reduction

Most cosmetic procedures have become a lot more affordable in the past few years. Feeling embarrassed and conscious, about the appearance of lips is very common. However, it can be really bad if lips change its appearance with age. A lip reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reduce the size of the lips by eradicating extra fat and skin. It can work effectively for both men and women which has contributed a lot to its high demand.

Since Lip reduction in dubai surgeries is getting cheaper, the popularity and requests for them have increased speedily. Nevertheless, choosing the doctor, and the clinic for treatment is still really difficult. Anyway, Dynamic clinic is here to help. We have brought a special cost guide for you to gather information about the treatment and its price worldwide, as well as understand the factors that can influence the overall cost.

How does it Work?

A lip reduction is an invasive plastic surgery procedure intended to permanently remove excess fat and skin from the lips to make them thinner and more attractive. This treatment is usually considered by women, but men with good general health may be good candidates for this type of treatment.

It’s important to note that for lip reduction surgery, you should not have any serious medical issues. Further, you need to have realistic expectations about what it can provide or what it cannot. Anyhow, it’s worth noting that prior to the surgery, an in-depth discussion with the doctor about all the aspects of the treatment is essential.

What to Expect during Lip Reduction?

On the day of the procedure, be sure to bring someone with you as well as wear comfortable, loose clothing. Anyhow, the doctor will also assist in making you as comfortable as possible. The surgery itself is performed under local anesthesia and can take anywhere between 60 to 120 minutes.

Once initiated, the professional will create a hole inside the lips (pink inner portion) in order to hide the resulting scar. After creating a precise hole, skin and fat are removed from the lip carefully. For most lip reductions, absorbable sutures are used at the end but yeah, in some instances, the doctor may use non-absorbable sutures as well.

After the surgery, the patient will be transferred to the recovery area for about an hour for observation. However, some patients are directly sent home.

Average Cost:

Dubai is as competitive in cost as other countries in the world. Further, it’s a lot superior in terms of services, healthcare units, and professionals. I assure you that you will find the best surgeon for your lip reduction surgery here.

As of 2020, the average cost of Lip reduction in Dubai ranges between AED 12, 000 to AED 22000.  The cost depends on the type of treatment chosen as well as its goals.

Cost Factors:

As I said earlier, lip reduction is affordable for everyone. However, you can expect a cost difference depending on various things. Dependent factors include the doctor you choose, the country where you have the treatment, the reputation of the clinic, and more. Clinics that offer high-quality services at fair prices are difficult to find. Anyhow, Dynamic clinic is one of these clinics.

We have outlined some important cost factors briefly below. Let’s take a look at them:

Anesthesia fee:

This cosmetic surgery is most often performed under local anesthesia. This means that the anesthesia fee will not have a significant effect on the total cost of treatment.

But keep in mind that if the surgeon has utilized general anesthesia during the surgery, then you might pay more

Desired Results:

The extent of the operation and the type of results you want to achieve are typically considered two main dependent factors. For those who want big changes in their lips, the surgery cost is likely to be higher. And for those who are interested in the operation for achieving minimal changes, the surgery will be slightly cheap.

The Surgeon:

Lips, one of the most prominent parts of the human body so you have to be very careful while selecting a doctor for this type of surgery. Doctors with extensive experience, qualifications, and knowledge seem to be expensive. And I believe that there is nothing wrong with their high fees. Why? Because cosmetic treatments performed by inexperienced and untrained practitioners could result in botched, desired results, as well as serious damage whereas doctor’s extensive experience, ensures the patient’s safety and an incredible outcome.

The reputation of the Clinic:

This surgery can be done in a hospital, or private clinic. However, both offer different facilities so the cost highly fluctuates between them.


It’s very important to talk to the doctor about the cost before having the surgery. The doctor will tell you the exact price of Lip reduction in Dubai after assessing your health and learning about your goals.

A Financing Option!

The dynamic clinic has recently introduced an amazing financing scheme for its clients. By using this scheme, you can pay potentially large costs of cosmetic treatments in easy and small monthly installments. But note that you cannot use it for every cosmetic surgery you undergo. It’s worth contacting us to check if the surgery can be covered with this scheme this or not.