Have you always wanted bigger, poutier lips but aren’t exactly a fan of having to undergo the knife?  We understand. Going under the knife can be scary, plus there is a lot of downtime involved. Adding to the fact that you won’t be sure of your outcomes until weeks of recovery, and it’s no wonder more people are considering a prevalent new trend, lip fillers.

But how much does lip filler Dubai price? Is the price fixed? And is that covered by Insurance? Read ahead to know the answer to these questions and many others that can have an effect on your life.

Is There a Fixed Price for Fillers?

No, fillers do not have a set price. A variety of factors can influence the overall cost of fillers.

Lip Fillers Price:

The cost of lip filler in Dubai can range from AED 999 to AED 1200 per ml. This price largely depends on the type of filler used, the number of vials required, and the skills of the dermatologist. The best way to determine an accurate quote for your unique treatment plan is to book a consultation with your aesthetician today.

Major Cost-determinants:

The following are some of the primary factors that take part in determining the final price of Fillers treatment in Dubai:

Location of the Clinic:

The location of the clinic also affects the cost of the Lip filler. That is to say, areas with a higher cost of living usually have higher rates of cosmetic procedures than areas with a lower cost of living.

The Reputation of the Dermatologist:

Each aesthetician will have their own pricing structures depending on their credentials, specialty, and experience in the field of injectables. Talk to your esthetician in person about his pricing structures.

Anesthesia Used:

In Dubai, the doctor can use both topical and local anesthesia for lip augmentation with dermal fillers. So, according to the type of anesthesia used in your treatment, the overall price may vary.

Clinic’s Facilities:

Lip filler treatment is done by careful consideration and sterilized equipment. So, please don’t worry about the procedure outcome. Although yes, the practitioner can charge a little higher cost. For example, if the aesthetician has his own facility and provides you with a wide array of services, he may charge you less than others who carry out fillers treatments at other facilities.

Can Insurance Cover Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are usually considered an elective procedure for aesthetic reasons, and therefore, most insurance plans do not cover this type of lip augmentation. However, if you are interested in getting lip fillers but would prefer to divide the total price into smaller, monthly payments, we can help. We offer a 100% financing option that allows you to make your procedure fit more comfortably within your budget.

Lip fillers at Dynamic Clinic:

When selecting a dermatologist in your area for Lip fillers, remember that the expertise of an aesthetician is just as necessary as the cost of the procedure. At the dynamic clinic, we have the best aestheticians offering exceptional cosmetic services to clients for more than fifteen years. So, if you’re seeking the best lip fillers in Dubai, Dynamic is the place to go.


Do you want to discover more about the lip filler Dubai price? Schedule your consultation with a certified aesthetician, Dr. Zein at Dynamic Clinic. Please fill out the contact form if you wish to book an appointment.