Lingual Braces Dubai Price

Nobody likes wearing braces!

Have you ever heard of hidden braces? Lingual Braces are the most advanced kind of orthodontic tool available today. Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are placed behind the teeth — where they hide well. While they can address the same kinds of dental issues as traditional braces, but they are best for correcting Crooked teeth. Using 3D visualization, doctors customize wires and brackets depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s teeth. People belonging to all age groups could get benefit from them. Simply put, each of us could get that healthy and beautiful smile with Lingual braces. So, what’s lingual braces Dubai price? Keep reading.

Cost of Lingual Braces in Dubai:

While perfectly aligned teeth and even smiles are beautiful and are directly associated with a healthy lifestyle, nobody wants to spend more money than they should. In general, the total cost of lingual braces in Dubai is between AED 8000 to AED 15000. This price range comprises several different charges. Important ones include the orthodontist, the anesthesiologist, the facility, and the nursing staff. Remember that experienced doctors may charge much more than others, but we assure you that you will not regret choosing them.

Note: Most orthodontic procedures are cosmetic in nature, which means your health insurance probably won’t cover the cost; you will be paying out of pocket. 

Factors Affecting the Total Cost: 

Everyone needs an affordable and reliable cost of Lingual braces with exceptional results. So, let’s just quickly go through the top four factors affecting lingual braces Dubai price:


Lingual braces cost in Dubai is influenced majorly by the level of teeth misalignment the patient has. If a patient has just a minor level of crookedness, then it will be much simpler and affordable to treat him. Comparatively, if the patient has a severe level misalignment, the effort and time required to see the desired results increases, thus the cost.

Number of Sessions:

Depending on the level of your dental problems, the number of sessions will vary. Typically, most procedures using lingual braces require two visits to the specialist, but if you have severe alignment issues, you will need more than two sessions.

Orthodontist’s Skills:

While hospitals with inexperienced Orthodontists or dentists will offer lingual braces at a very low cost but choosing them is definitely not the best idea. The skills of the professional play a vital role in the success of the treatment.


You are encouraged to maintain lingual braces by following all the orthodontist’s instructions regarding aftercare. Repairs and reinstallations can surely make your treatment a lot more expensive. To lower your chances of post-op complications, ensure that you follow healthy oral hygiene; brush regularly, avoid smoking, and not eat too hard substances.

It’s best to seek the best dentist or orthodontist in Dubai to install your lingual braces. Want to get more information? Give us a call at +97143330708 to book your appointment!