Laser Tattoo Removal On Legs In Dubai Cost

Tattoos are no longer considered irrevocable designs or imprints on the skin. Unwanted tattoos can be erased using a variety of safe and effective methods.

If you’re thinking about removing tattoo, consider that lasers have mostly supplanted alternative tattoo removal methods.Due to recent advancements in laser technology, the following is now possible:

  • Ink colours that were previously difficult to remove are now possible.
  • The ink from tattoos can be removed in fewer sessions.
  • Tattoos may be removed safely and effectively.

Regardless of how far technology has advanced, the person performing the treatment will still determine the outcome. As a result, it is strongly advised that you seek the opinion of a licenced healthcare professional for laser tattoo removal treatment in Dubai with the necessary expertise and experience.

Facts About The Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Inks in black, red, and various colours
  • Tattoos can be removed from anybody’s region, even the eyebrows.
  • More relaxed with a local anaesthetic
  • Scarring and discolouration are less likely.
  • Downtime is minimal.

The Process Of Laser Tattoo Removal

To be efficiently erased, each colour of ink requires a different wavelength of light and energy. Our Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai can use two distinct wavelengths to treat darker or brighter colours such as red and orange.

The laser’s light pulses break down the particles of the ink without damaging the skin, and your body’s natural lymphatic system eventually eliminates the ink pieces.


The average tattoo requires four to eight treatments to be removed. . The red and black pigments are the easiest to target. The length of treatment depends on the tattoo size. After the treatment, the treated region is wrapped with a sterile bandage, and a scab usually forms. The tattoo will fade for another six weeks after the scab has healed. Six weeks should pass between treatments.Treatment possibilities includes:

Q-Switched Laser

This is the only form of laser capable of entering the dermis layer and remove ink without harming the skin tissue surrounding the treated area. It’s termed one-of-a-kind because it uses a quick and highly intense pulse of light energy. The ink rapidly breaks down into small particles as it absorbs the laser’s light. The fragmented ink will be eliminated from the patient’s body by the body’s natural immune system once the therapy is completed. During each session, more ink is targeted and broken down. The treatment is repeated until the tattoo has vanished completely. The laser is known for generating excellent outcomes, having high predictability, and being extremely safe.

RevLite Laser

The energy pulse widths produced by the RevLite laser are short and rapid. It reduces the amount of heat that the skin is exposed to, making treatment rapid and painless. The targeted ink is shattered by the laser’s quick pulses of light. Treatments must be repeated in order to completely remove the tattoo. The number of appointments needed will depend on the size of the tattoo, the ink used, and the time between treatments.

Are There Any Probable Negative Consequences?

Following therapy, it is possible to develop pale or black spots on the skin. On the other hand, these patches usually fade away in 6 to 12 months.

Other adverse effects are extremely rare when the treatment is administered by a skin expert such as a dermatologist or laser specialist.

If, on the other hand, someone without the necessary medical training attempts to administer the treatment, the following side effects are very likely:

  • Scarring, burns, and other wounds are common.
  • Changes in the skin’s texture.
  • Even when the entire treatment is completed, some ink may still be visible.

Is It Painful?

To some extent, the treatment may be unpleasant or even painful. You will be given a numbing cream or shot before the procedure to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Guidelines For Recovery

The following rules should be followed to guarantee that you get the most outstanding results possible while minimising the risk of negative effects:

  • Make it a point to show up for all of your treatment sessions.
  • If you need at-home care, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions.
  • For three months, make sure your skin is protected from UV rays (sun, tanning beds, and sunlamps).

Leg Tattoo Removal Cost

The laser tattoo removal cost in Dubai ranges from AED 2,500 to AED 5,500. It all depends on the type of tattoo you want to get rid of. Coloured tattoos are generally more expensive than black tattoos. This is because they are more difficult to absorb by laser. Aside from that, the surgeon’s charge will be included in the total price you pay for your treatment.

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