Dark Lips treatment cost in dubai

Smoking and other unhealthy habits can leave you with darkened or purplish lips. This usually happens when a person is an active smoker and smokes excessively. Even when most people give up on smoking, their lips do not return to their pinkish glow for months. But most people who don’t smoke also have dark lips. So what are the options for getting Dark Lips Treatment in Dubai? How much does it cost? Continue reading to get more details!

Why Do Lips Turn Dark?

Our lips have a very thin layer of skin over them and this causes the capillaries and muscle underneath to be very prominent. Usually, the purple color of the lips is an indication of less oxygen in the blood. If the bloodstream in your lips lacks oxygen, you will have greyish, bluish, or purplish lips.

Bluish Lips:

Oxygen-rich blood is red, while lack of oxygen causes blood to turn dark. This then turns your lips blue or gray. This lack of oxygen in the blood can be caused by numerous things such as heart problems. Other Causes of Dark Lips in Dubai include the following list:

  • Suffocating.
  • Lung issues like pneumonia and asthma.
  • Heart problems.
  • Clotted blood in the lungs.
  • Sepsis Shock.
  • Toxin poisoning.
  • Being cold.

Blackish Lips:

You can also get dark lips from external factors such as:

  • Smoking daily.
  • Bruises and injury.
  • Hyperpigmentation due to Addison’s disease.

What are the Dark Lips Treatment Options?

There are numerous options available for the treatment of your lips. Most home remedies do not work that effectively and it can take months before results show. It’s better to opt for other options. Most clinical options show results within a week or 10 days of getting them. Dark Lips Treatment in Dubai includes all of the following options:

Topical Treatment:

Most ointments and creams contain glutathione that will lighten the skin on your lips. Other than that most topical medications also come with supplements that will increase the oxygen supply in the blood.

Chemical Peels:

There are numerous chemical peel options available at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. These peels are made from mild acids that gently peel away the damaged skin and promote new skin production. This option is usually for those individuals who have less damaged lips.

Laser Therapy:

The Laser Treatment option is usually reserved for people who have black lips due to smoking. Since the results are visible within a week, it is the most preferable option. The surgeon will pick the laser based on your skin tone, making your lips healthier.

What is the Cost of Dark Lips Treatment in Dubai?

The Cost of Dark Lips Treatment in Dubai varies from AED 750 to AED 2,000.

Most people think that this price range is only for the materials used for the session. But our price packages include all the necessary equipment needed for the procedure. This includes the charges for the syringes, the anesthesia, and sometimes the after-use prescription medication. The Doctor’s fee will also be included in the overall session cost so no need to worry about paying any extra charges.
Insurance policies have not made cosmetic procedures part of their coverage yet. Several companies do not recognize cosmetic surgery as a requirement. So it is best to pay for the treatment yourself.

How Does the Laser Dark Lips Treatment in Dubai Work?

The surgeon will numb your lips and then pass the laser tool over your lips. The laser penetrates the deeper layer of the lip muscles and destroys all damaged cells. The laser also promotes collagen and new cell production to make the lips healthy and pink again.

This Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai option is the most effective and safest method for getting Pink Lips. There are no side effects and the results are almost instant.

What are the Benefits of Getting Dark Lips Treatment?

  • It is cost-effective as compared to other methods.
  • The results are almost instant.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Painless method of getting pink lips.
  • There are no side effects.
  • Almost anyone can opt for this option.

Go Pink Again!

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