Melasma Treatment Cost in Dubai

Beautiful, flawless skin is the dream of all individuals. But because of sun damage and hormonal irregularities, our skin becomes damaged. Melasma is the most common cause of facial discoloration. It is a hyperpigmentation condition that develops with time. The problem not only affects the face but also the neck and forearms. These infections are more common in sun-exposed areas. It appears to become red and symmetrical, uneven but defined. Sometimes with light or dark brown patches of skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and upper lip. If you want to get the treatment and find out the cost. The Cost of Melasma Treatment in Dubai can vary.

Aim of Melasma Treatment:

Melasma Treatment seeks to lessen the dark areas of skin caused by the illness. This will be overcome by using many techniques. Including topical lotions, chemical peels, and laser therapy. The goal is to lessen the appearance of dark areas while also improving the skin’s appearance. It’s also worth noting that Melasma is a chronic ailment. So it is completely treatable. But it can be treated with the correct therapy and care.

Treatment and Cost Details:

There are different treatments available to treat this condition. But, if you consult with a doctor, they will recommend the best treatment for you. The following are the key therapies:

Chemical Peel:

This treatment helps treat the blemishes. For 1-4-week intervals, an average of 5 treatment sessions is necessary. These can be beneficial by regenerating the skin and boosting drug absorption. People with dark skin must adapt to the therapy with caution. Deep chemical peeling methods may cause an increase in stains. They must not be forceful in peeling the skin.

The Cost of Melasma Treatment with a Chemical Peel in Dubai is very low. It can range from AED 499 to AED 999.


It is a non-surgical process that allows you to remove the skin’s superficial layer. The procedure also removes dead skin cells. This is a mechanical peeling of the skin using abrasives. The process is carried out in our clinic using a specific apparatus. It works by spreading crystals and then applying the machine. This machine consists of a tiny needle at the tip.  

The Cost of Melasma Treatment with Microdermabrasion in Dubai is affordable. It ranges from AED 299 to AED 699.

Laser Treatment:

In this treatment, Q-Switch Laser Treatment is used in the target area. Among all laser systems, it provides melanin breakdown. It works in areas of hyperpigmentation in the skin. The procedure is simple and painless. This application is suitable after every four weeks.

The Cost of Melasma Treatment with Laser in Dubai is affordable. It ranges from AED 399 to AED 599.


In the treatment of stains, small doses of chemicals will be injected into the area. This mixture includes vitamin C, glutathione, and pyruvic acid. This non-invasive procedure is injectable and painless. It helps to lighten the stain’s color. It is not a traditional procedure. But it can be used when other methods have failed.

The Cost of Melasma Treatment with Mesotherapy in Dubai is very low. The expenses range from AED 450 to AED 999.

What Factors Can Affect the Cost?

It is critical to understand that the costs of treatment are not constant. It can be altered by many factors. The following are the cost-effective factors of Laser Melasma Treatment:

  • Treatment selection can change the fee. Because the cost of various treatments is different. Such as surgery, medicine, or therapy, can vary.
  • Treatment costs vary based on where you receive treatment. Because pricing in urban areas is greater than in rural locations.
  • Insurance coverage: Insurance coverage has an impact on treatment costs. Individuals with insurance spend less out of pocket than those without.
  • The provider’s experience and reputation can influence the cost of therapy.
  • The number of visits or the length of treatment can also affect the cost.
  • The expectations of the applicants also play a role in expense allocation.
  • The condition of the applicants can also change the prices.

Why Choose Us?

Many people suffering from melasma spots find success with the correct therapies. Dynamic Clinic in Dubai offers amazing treatment. It can be stubborn in some people, and it may take months to see improvement. Following your dermatologist’s recommendations throughout this process will ensure results. It can also aid in the prevention of skin irritation and other unwanted effects. Once the problem has been resolved, your doctor can recommend a preventative treatment. It helps to keep it from happening again. Fill out the form below to get a free consultation.