Laser Treatment for Large Pores on Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Open pores usually develop due to high levels of sebum production in the skin. They contribute to dull, unattractive skin, negatively alters physical appearance, and make people less empowered. While you can try toners to reduce their size, typically the results produced by such items are temporary. So, for long-term advantage, Laser Treatment for Large Pores on Face with Picolase in Dubai is a good choice. By undergoing this Large Pores Treatment, you can make your skin smooth and less oily for a long time. It produces dramatic changes in skin texture and tone thus improving overall skin health. Picolase decreases the amount of oil, sebum, and debris within the hair follicles to make them appear smaller.

Causes of Open Pores:

Open pores can be caused due to a number of reasons but hereditary, sun damage, and increased sebum synthesis are three main causes of this aesthetic issue.

The goal of Treatment:

The main goal of this treatment is to make the open pores smaller non-invasively. It minimizes tiny holes in a person’s skin to provide him with clear and smooth skin. It is a non-surgical, cheap, and quick way to enhance skin appearance.

Who is the Candidate?

Expect to see a huge improvement in your pores by undergoing open pores treatment with Picolase in Abu Dhabi. You are ideal for this treatment if,

  1. You have oily, unattractive skin.
  2. You are at least 18.
  3. You do not have any mental health disorders.
  4. Your expectations regarding this open-pore treatment are realistic. By having such expectations, you can avoid harsh and angry feelings.

The Machine we use:

Living in the era of technology, our skin experts utilize the Picolase machine to treat open pores more effectively. The device shrinks the size of pores by discouraging sebum synthesis within the skin.


Patients are requested to follow these instructions before undergoing Laser Treatment for Large Pores on Face of Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

  1. Skin hydration is essential. You have to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  2. When you are out in sun, you should wear sunscreen with SPF 50 or above.
  3. Wash your skin at least twice a day to keep it clean – free from dust, dirt, and debris.
  4. Utilize collagen boosters and adopt a protective skincare routine to keep your skin healthy.
  5. Use natural & organic moisturizers for about a month prior to the treatment.


Our certified practitioners target open pores with Picolase. This device delivers great results to most of the patients. During the treatment, the laser machine is moved across the skin surface to make the pores smaller and rejuvenate the skin. This is the quickest and cheapest method to reduce the size of enlarged pores. But it should be pointed out that Laser treatment for open pores is not one-time. Typically, a minimum of four sessions is required to make a significant change in the size of the pores.


Special aftercare is required following Open Pores Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This is essential to ensure the long-term success of the treatment.

  1. Wear super-high-SPF sunscreens to protect your face from UV exposure.
  2. Avoid using makeup products for at least a week after the treatment.
  3. Do not pick or unnecessarily touch the scabs.
  4. Use oral & topical medications to reduce post-op pain and swelling.


This non-invasive treatment brings the following benefits to sufferers.

  1. The ultra-pico technology used in this treatment contributes to the fastest results.
  2. Besides Open pores, it can also be used to remove a tattoo, melasma, and age spots.
  3. The anti-breakage technology guarantees long-term benefits.


After Open pores treatment, recipients can return to work within a week but they are advised not to lift heavy-weight objects during it. Also, their faces will be sore and extremely red for the first few days thus applying ice packs and topical medications on the skin is essential. Moreover, build a protective skincare routine to sustain the positive effects for a long period of time.


Patient results vary based on the severity of the pores and the type of skin. However, it should be pointed out that the results are temporary.

How to Select your Doctor:

It’s important to get this treatment from an experienced dermatologist because only he can provide you with beautiful results. Patients are advised to interview multiple doctors and then make the decision for Laser Treatment for Large Pores on their Faces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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