Laser Treatment for Dark Underarms Cost in Dubai

There are many options available for dark underarms, but no particular procedure is guaranteed to resolve this issue completely. Laser treatment is one non-invasive solution that patients may choose to regain light underarms. Most individuals get great results, while some experience hyperpigmentation even after repeated sessions. You need to better understand the underlying mechanisms in order to make a better decision about whether to undergo laser treatment and which type of laser might work best.

How Much Does Laser Treatment For Dark Underarms Cost?

For those interested in laser treatment for dark underarms cost in Dubai, Dynamic clinic provides an estimate of what they can invest in the procedure as well as the available financing options. We believe in giving only the best to our clients to ensure each and every patient gets the treatment that he/she deserves and that can improve their quality of life. FYI: In the majority of cases, when laser treatment is performed for aesthetic concerns, insurance does not cover the cost; you pay the cost out of your own pocket. Here, we can help out with financing.

Average Price:

In Dubai, the average cost of laser treatment for dark underarms is AED 450. In general, it falls between AED 300 and AED 600, although can range all the way up to AED 700. Various things play a part in this cost, including the experience of the dermatologist, the geographical location of the clinic, and the number of sessions.

Three Major Factors Involved In Pricing:

The Dermatologist:

The price of laser treatment for dark underarms often depends on the reputation and skills of the dermatologist performing the treatment. You may find practitioners who perform the treatment under the supervision of a senior skin expert for a lower cost, than those who specialize in laser treatments — often charge relatively more.

Location of the Clinic:

Location of the clinic factors into the cost as well. A dermatologist can perform laser treatment in a clinic, a surgical center, or a private suite, each with a different price tag.

Hospitals usually provide the most expensive treatments, as they have the equipment necessary for almost any complication that may arise. Also, practitioners charge by an hour, however, which in turn causes the cost to rise.


Darker underarms that require more sessions will ultimately cost more money. While every patient is unique, the majority of patients get five to eight sessions. Moreover, we recommend that you wait at least two weeks before benefiting from the next session.


When patients come to our clinic for cosmetic treatments, the doctor outlines the factors included in the cost and provides a detailed estimate. They will also discuss how much (if any) of the cost insurance will cover.

Dynamic clinics offer clients low monthly rates, allowing them to pay for the treatments over several months/years.

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