Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai

Lighten up your Dark Lips NOW with Laser Treatment for Dark lips in Dubai! 

Pink, soft, and fresh lips are a symbol of sexiness. In contrast, Dark Lips don’t only look awkward but make the skin color dull too. So how to treat dark lips? Well, there are many options including peels, micro pigmentation, and ointments but Laser Treatment in Dubai is the most authentic.

Therefore, at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic we offer Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai at the most reasonable charges. This laser method could be best to get soft, nourished pink-colored lips but only for some period. As long as you take proper care dark lips won’t be coming back. Rest assured, we make sure that treatment provides long-lasting results, therefore we use advanced technology and the highest quality products.

What Causes Dark Lips?

Knowing the causes of dark lips is what everyone should consider before trying any treatment. Surely, this needs to be stopped to achieve the most amazing results.

Here are the most common causes of Dark lips in both men and women.

  • Smoking.
  • Dehydration.
  • Cheap Lip cosmetics.
  • Unhealthy eating Habits.
  • Consuming excess caffeine.
  • Lack of oxygen.

What is Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai?

For darkly pigmented or completely black lips, a laser could be the best solution ever. The beams of laser light penetrate the lips and secretly blast out the melanin pigment responsible for lips darkening. This way lips get bleached, plumped, lightened, and appear pink.

Remember, the laser is the natural process of lips lightening. Not only works for the front side of the lips but also the inside and glows cupid as well.

Sessions Required for Laser Treatment for Dark Lips:

Sessions frequency noted for laser lips lightening is around 4-6. This greatly relies upon the darkening level of your lips and how best the laser reacts to them. Note that, a laser is stronger than any other home remedy and gives you permanent results with special aftercare.

Well, there is no magical formula to transform your lips overnight. But Laser Treatment can do this for you! Even within a few minutes. After one session you would be able to notice a great difference in your lips. And over a series of injections, you will be looking towards bright lips.

Important Tips:

So after having Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, the majority become careless. This is the biggest mistake and the reason behind the early darkening of lips.

To maintain lifetime results, be strict with the aftercare your doctor advises. Use recommended lip balms or oils and avoid the use of other beauty products for at least 3-4 days. Additionally, keep a few tips in mind as well. Here’s what you can do to keep pink lips forever.

  • Hydration is important. The more you drink the more toxins and unnecessary nicotine flushes out from the body.
  • Get enough vitamin C. This speeds up the process of tissue renewal and not only affects your lips but also clears your skin. Fresh orange juices, strawberries, and potatoes are a great source of vitamin C.
  • Use lip scrubs but medicated ones. Consult our dermatologist to get guidance in this regard.
  • Avoid sun exposure, smoking, licking of lips, and excess intake of tea and coffee.
  • Last but not least, you can try some natural remedies too. But not immediately after lasers. Later a week or two after the treatment, apply lemon juice gently over the lips with proper assistance from our experts. This is because lip sensitivity issues may be prone to complications.

The Takeaway:

Dark, pale, and black lips? – The most common problem.

Many ladies don’t have pink, attractive, kissable lips mostly due to the constant usage of ordinary lipsticks, or lip colors. Meanwhile, men also suffer from Smoker’s Lips due to smoking. Well, both genders are victims of this difficulty. But not to worry anymore. So say goodbye to dark lips through Laser Treatment for Dark lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. One session can leave you the baby lips you’ve been dreaming of.

Your new, sexier lips are just a faraway visit from you. Reach us directly at the given address or book advance consultation through the given form.