Laser Tattoo Removal for Blue Ink

Laser works on the dermis of the skin. When the laser is applied to the skin, the tattoo ink begins to disintegrate, allowing the body to absorb the fragments and remove them.

Many of us have thought of getting laser tattoo removal in Dubai at one point or another. Unfortunately, the world of the internet is full of misleading myths. Let us uncover the most common myth about laser tattoo removal i.e. blue ink is impossible to remove. Keep scrolling:

Laser Tattoo Removal For Blue Ink:

The treatment involves breaking down the tattoo by pointing to powerful lasers. Different laser wavelengths are needed to work on different colored tattoos. Simply put, based on the color of the tattoo, the practitioner chooses the right laser; he sets the wavelength accordingly. For example, the blue-colored tattoos are likely to be erased with the laser that is created to treat blue ones.

What is the Best Laser For Blue Ink Tattoos?

Our dermatologists use Candela Picoway and alexandrite laser to remove blue tattoos. These lasers produce wavelengths of 730nm and 785nm that exquisitely eradicate those stubborn blue-colored tattoos that other lasers cannot remove.

Important Considerations:

  • As with other aesthetic treatments, the results of laser tattoo removal vary. In general, the results vary depending on the stubbornness, size, quality, location, and age of the tattoos.
  • It is important that you take multiple sessions to see the desired results. At times, doctors recommend six to eight treatments to remove the blue tattoos completely
  • Find a reputed provider for laser tattoo removal for blue ink in Dubai. Look for the reviews, testimonials, and before and after photos to make a well-informed decision
  • Following treatment, you will experience some redness, warmth, and swelling on the treated site. Other side effects include discoloration, scarring, and blistering
  • Green, red tattoos aren’t so easy to remove – you need eight to ten sessions to get rid of them.

The Best Alternative:

You can opt for surgical tattoo removal to obtain better results. During operation, the surgeon cuts the tattooed skin and then sews the remaining skin. It is however important to note that this surgery carries risk. The most common complications that come with this type of tattoo removal include bleeding, bruising, redness, infection, and scarring.

How to Find the Right Provider?

For successful tattoo removal, you should find a reputation aesthetic clinic and a dermatologist. This ensures exceptional care and treatment. It’s best to obtain a recommendation from your family physician for a professional that specializes in laser tattoo removal.

Why Choose Us!

Dynamic clinic has the best and state-of-art techniques to remove any tattoo ink as soon as possible. We are experts in all laser treatments and strive to achieve great results in each case. All things considered, if you are interested in laser tattoo removal for blue ink in Dubai, Dynamic clinic is the right place.

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