Laser Skin Whitening Side Effects

We can never change people’s fantasies of fair skin. Despite home remedies, as a starter, everyone considers Lasers! Surely they help rebuild the skin revealing the hidden lighter shades but still the most usual concern of most people is “Side Effects”. Indeed they exist but are not as severe as the majority thinks.

This post is related to Laser Skin Whitening Side Effects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Read ahead.

The Consultation:

Initial consultation at Dynamic clinic means everything. We make each element clear before putting you on a dermatologist’s chair. From procedure details to possible side effects to even tips on handling; our team ensures you don’t leave the clinic with single doubt.

We allow our patients to ask whatever is on their minds.

A Closer Look at Laser Side Effects:

Laser skin whitening aka laser resurfacing is a type of treatment that must be done by professional hands. The process itself is simple, just involves applying laser beams onto the dark area. But laser rays must be adjusted properly by experts to carry out smooth results. Compared to bleaching, this skin-lightening option fulfills the desire for fair skin without leaving adverse complications. Still, some side effects are usual.

Here are the most usual side effects reported after Laser skin whitening in Dubai.

Redness, irritation, and burning sensation: These three are the most usual side effects, always experienced after laser whitening. The treated skin may become itchy and swollen for 2-3 days. There could be a burning sensation that can be controlled by applying ice packs or by following endorsed instructions.

Infection and red scars: This laser side effect typically hits people who are more prone to allergic reactions or perhaps their skin is too delicate.

Skin BlistersBlisters of skin after laser whitening is typically a good sign indicating that lasers worked properly. This means an upper layer of skin is removed revealing the clearer one. However, people who wish for instant beautiful skin with lasers; consider blisters as a side effect but in actuality, it has no harm.

Be aware: People with darker skin tones are more prone and are particularly at risk of bearing Laser Skin Whitening Side effects in Dubai. But luckily, the attacks of lasers are temporary. You only need to tolerate these side effects for the first week. After that, you would simply love your new rejuvenated skin.

How to Handle These Side Effects?

The one simple way to handle the initial complications of laser skin whitening is Ice packs. Apply them over the treated area and escape the redness and irritation. Besides this, get the go-ahead from your dermatologists. Follow their instructions and pass the recovery phase smoothly.


If you think of going ahead at Lasers, we can surely help. At Dynamic, our dermatologists perform treatment in a way to delivers safe results. If however, complications occur we can handle them. From start to end, you won’t be left alone. We guide our patients; with instructions on controlling side effects smoothly.

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