J Plasma Cost for Arms & Thighs in Dubai

You are not alone if you look Older and fat with loose and saggy skin on the arms and thighs. We all suffer from wrinkled skin due to premature aging signs or other reasons. We all feel embarrassed and lack confidence if our bodies appear less attractive and charming. Stop getting bothered if you do not feel beautiful like other young girls with perfect bodies!

Didn’t you hear about the great J Plasma Treatment in Dubai? 

The therapy would be perfect for achieving the desired figure with minimal side effects at affordable rates in UAE.

What is J Plasma Treatment?

J Plasma Treatment or J Plasty is the latest and revolutionary process that works best in tightening the saggy loose skin of different body areas with an instant effect. The Cosmetic Surgeon uses a plasma device or tube, radiofrequency energy, and helium gas. The procedure takes about 60 minutes to treat one area, and the results are immediate. 

J Plasma Therapy:

The treatment begins by giving local or general anesthesia to the patient depending on the area being treated. The cosmetic surgeon makes a minor incision to insert the J Plasma tube into the area that consists of extra fat. Then, the cosmetic surgeon passes the radio frequency Treatment energy and helium gas under the skin resulting in a cold helium plasma. The cold helium plasma gets under the skin, making it tighter and firmer from the inside.

Benefits of J Plasma Treatment:

The J Plasma provides several benefits:

  • It is the best for treating aging skin flaws.
  • The procedure requires minimal downtime and quick recovery.
  • It’s a quick short procedure with impressive results.
  • It tightens the loose and droopy skin caused by pregnancy or weight loss.
  • It is the best not only for the facial skin but also for the other body parts.
  • It offers realistic long-term results.
  • It is a 100% effective and safe procedure for all skin types.
  • The treatment is minimally invasive with lesser side effects.
  • It makes your skin fresh, softer, and smoother.
  • It is an excellent non-surgical substitute for skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Recovery from J Plasma Treatment:

There is no prolonged recovery period. The patient can go back to performing daily life activities approximately after three days of the procedure. It is normal to feel discomfort or tenderness in the area being treated. The patient will be completely recovered within two to three weeks. It is suggested to wear compression clothes during the recovery. 

Is J Plasma treatment worth it?

Yes, It would be an excellent option for you to go for J Plasma treatment if you have mild to moderate extra fat on the skin and want to remove the skin laxity. The treatment claims to be a good substitute for lifting and tightening loose skin and is worth it. If the person adopts good skincare and healthcare, the results last longer for seven years or more.

Side Effects of J Plasma Treatment:

The minimal fewer side effects of J Plasma treatment are:

  • Redness on the area being treated.
  • Swelling.
  • Soreness or tenderness.

J Plasma Cost for Arms & Thighs in Dubai:

J Plasma Cost for Arms & Thighs in Dubai generally starts from 1500 AED. But the cost is not specific or fixed. We usually think that the price is just the practitioner’s fee and should be the same for everyone. But it’s a big no!

The treatment price covers all expenses that play an essential part in the treatment from the beginning to the end. 

The following factors are the central part of the cost:

Nature and the Type of the Problem:

Every patient suffers from a different problem. The specific nature of each patient’s pain can not be the same. That’s Why the cost can not be exact for every patient. You will get to know about the price during the initial consultation.

Practitioner’s Expertise:

The practitioner’s knowledge, qualification, and expertise are vital in defining the actual cost. A highly qualified, experienced, board-certified doctor will charge more than the average doctor. If you want to get your treatment performed by an expert medical professional, you have to pay more!

Personalized Treatment:

The nature of the patient’s problem can not be the same as other patients, and the same goes for the treatment. The dermatologists in Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic examine the patient’s situation thoroughly and provide custom-made treatment for every patient, so there can not be a particular cost.

Clinical Features & Clinic Location:

Both factors play an essential part in cost definition. Clinical features and location involve the professional medical staff, environment, advanced technology, and the clinic’s site, whether it would be an expensive area or an average place.

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