Don't let Keloid Scars Ruin your Skin or your Self-Esteem

Flawless skin is the dream of individuals because it enhances their confidence. But the problem occurs when individuals experience the appearance of bumps. This appearance can lower your self-esteem. A keloid, also known as a keloid scar, is an enlarged scar. It can appear because of an aggressive healing reaction to a wound. Scars can form because of a wound, such as a minor burn, cut, or abrasion. But some wounds heal without scars and some leaves scars. Scars always fade and shrink with time. But, in certain individuals, the skin may respond to the trauma. It can cause a large scar. Keloids are medical terms for thick, uneven deposits on the epidermis. They rarely disappear on their own in some cases. But medical science makes it possible to remove them. By launching new and innovative Keloid treatments in Dubai. Continue reading to find out more about all relevant prospects.


A keloid scar is a bulging scar on the epidermis that can form wherever. It appears after the healing of an injury. These scars are found on the earlobes, shoulders, cheekbones, and chest. Because of a person’s increased sensitivity to developing keloid scars. That’s why these treatments can remove all the bumps. They may develop these scars in more than one location on the skin. While a keloid scar is not hazardous to your health. This treatment helps to remove these scars without any side effects.


All keloid treatments seek to reduce the size of keloid scars. While these treatments also relieve symptoms like itching and pain. Other considerations exist, such as post-treatment expectations. And the need for treatment sessions depends on the condition. Because some applicants have small scars, they need less. And larger areas need more.


They can appear in many forms and ways. Here’s a rundown of the most prevalent keloidal symptoms.

  • The first signs of a keloid scar may appear 3–12 months after triggering it.
  • It can be red, pink, or purple. A mature scar is a burgundy in color. And the position of the scar influences its creation.
  • A keloid on the earlobe, for example, will be thick and oval or round.
  • When it forms on the legs, chest, or arms, the scar is raised above the skin and has a flat surface.
  • Most of the keloids grow slowly. Their pace, though, may differ. Some take weeks or months to mature, while others take years. Only a few keloid scars grow very fast. The growing keloids grow three times their initial size in a matter of months.
  • A keloid scar can be itchy or painful as it grows. These symptoms will last till the scarring ceases.


To get the best therapeutic outcome. The Dynamic Clinic offers comprehensive scar & keloid treatment in Dubai. After the diagnosis and study of the patient’s medical history. The course of treatment is prescribed.

  • Surgical excision of the keloid is futile. It also stimulates collagen development.
  • Scars can be removed through non-invasive treatments. The following are the most effective therapy:

Laser treatments:

It is the best option for those who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. Laser keloid treatment in Dubai works by sending a laser beam onto the scar. The treatments help to flatten it and fade its color. The procedure does not affect the surrounding tissues.


It works by freezing the keloid while preserving the skin beneath. This treatment lowers the keloid’s size and height. It freezes the keloid from the inside out, reducing its hardness. It works best on minor keloids. This procedure needs three or four sessions to achieve the best results.


Corticosteroids are injected into the scar to reduce the keloid. These are the most used drugs for keloid treatment. You may need a series of injections. There is also the danger of the scar returning. This treatment can also be coupled with others to achieve the best results and avoid relapse.


Surgical removal entails cutting away the keloids and is not a permanent cure. Because there is no certainty that the keloids will not recur. As a result, surgical excision is paired with another form of treatment. Such as cryotherapy, to prevent the scar from recurring.


The Cost of Keloid treatment in Dubai is affordable. It ranges from AED 499 to AED 2,999. These are not constant expenses for the treatments. Because it depends on many factors. Because this treatment consists of different treatments so, each one is unique. The following are the key factors that can influence the expenses.

  • The experience of the expert can change the price.
  • The selection of the treatment option is also an expense influencer.
  • The condition of the problem also changes the expenses.
  • The location of the clinic also alters the expenses.

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