The development of technology has changed the course of plastic surgery. For people who want to get rid of their drooping abdominal skin, eliminate abdominal fat, and have a flat stomach or belly, a Tummy Tuck in Dubai is available for them.

It is designed for those who have just lost a significant amount of weight, have kids, or are tired of following rigid diets and exercise routines. Many techniques can be used to do a tummy tuck. Different people react differently to these tactics. When a simple operation fails to yield the desired results, cosmetic surgeons in Dubai may recommend a stomach tuck. However, some people do worry if a stomach tuck actually raises the pubic area because the belly area is so near to it. To find the answer to this read the blog. 

What Area is Pubic?

One of the three major bones that make up the pelvis is the pubis. It goes by the names pubic bone and pelvic girdle as well. A structure between the thighs and the abdomen is called the pelvis. The pelvic bone that faces forward the most is the pubis.

Candidacy Requirements

This surgical technique is available to any woman who feels self-conscious about the size, shape, or look of her mons pubis region. The patient, however, should be an adult who is normally in good health and has reasonable expectations for the treatment.

The Need for Monsplasty

For the reasons listed below, ladies have this Tummy Tuck in Dubai and monsplasty:

  • If you have a distinct focal point with an overhanging genital region
  • When engaging in sexual activities, you feel uneasy.
  • Through swimming suits and restrictive clothes, the protruding mons pubis is noticeable.
  • It is humiliating when the pubic area ages.
  • It is impossible for you to lose extra weight by diet or exercise.
  • The loose and sagging skin cannot be tightened by exercise, diet, or medicine.

Does a belly tuck necessarily result in a pubic lift?

Since a stomach tuck focuses on tightening the skin and muscles in your abdomen and reshaping the belly region, it does not include a pubic lift. Although it’s not intended, in certain situations, general midsection shaping and trimming might enhance the overall appearance of your pubic region.

A  Tummy Tuck in Dubai, however, could make your pubic region more visible in some circumstances. Your pubic region will not be raised by a tummy tuck if it is sagging. The additional skin and fat tissues from your belly may make your mons pubis, the fleshy area above the vaginal fissure, more obvious. To remove this sagginess you have to join a pubic lift with abdominoplasty. 

Pubic Lift With Abdominoplasty

The extra tissue covering the pubic bone is raised, tightened, and flattened during a pubic lift, or monsplasty. Depending on the specifics of your condition, a pubic lift may employ a variety of different approaches. Drooping skin is frequently removed during the process. Liposuction can also be used to get rid of extra fat deposits.

For a smoother appearance and enhanced function, a pubic lift can be performed alone.  With a pubic lift in conjunction with a belly tuck, many patients get their desired results. A pubic lift eliminates excess skin and fat from the mons pubis, whereas a belly tuck addresses the area above. This body contouring technique results in a smoother, firmer abdominal profile.

Monsplasty Surgery Benefits

Among the advantages of pubic lift surgery are:

  • This procedure can be combined with monsplasty and Tummy Tuck in Dubai for a total change of the pubic region.
  • Reduce the protruding mound and sagging skin to increase feeling and satisfaction.
  • enhances the look and other functions by lifting and tightening the region around the mons pubis.
  • aids in reestablishing regular urination
  • Remove and get rid of the sagging skin

How should I Get Ready for a Stomach Tuck?

Before having any kind of surgery or skin tightening, it’s critical to prepare your body. We advise you to maintain a healthy weight and way of life, give up smoking if you already do, manage all of your medicines in consultation with your primary care physician, and educate yourself about the potential dangers and advantages of this treatment. Before beginning body contouring, make sure to disclose any pre-existing issues you may have. This makes it feasible for doctors to get the optimum belly tuck outcomes.

Set Up A Consultation Right Away

Board-certified plastic surgeons are dedicated to making you feel and look your best. They try to establish a friendly and judgment-free environment because they are aware that discussing some concerns can be awkward.

Our doctors will listen to your concerns throughout your session and provide the best recommendation. Make an appointment to see the experts of Tummy Tuck in Dubai right now.