Is Laser Treatment Safe During Pregnancy

Laser treatments have been such a relief for those who have thicker growth of hair and need something that is pain free. It puts an end to shaving, waxing, which are one of the most tiring jobs to do. The reason why laser hair removal in Dubai is so hyped is because of its benefits and approved results. Laser treatment however is unsafe during pregnancy and it is because of multiple reasons. If you are expecting a child then it is important to give a read to this guide so that you can know about the do’s and don’ts with regards to laser treatment. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment? 

A laser treatment is a perfect hair removal regimen. It is a substitute for waxing shaving and use of hair removing creams. It is done by a light emitting device and is done all over the body. It inhibits the follicles from producing rapid hair growth. 

Who Are The Right Candidates For Laser Treatment? 

  • Candidates with rapid hair growth.
  • People who have extensive facial hair growth.
  • Candidates with thicker hair.
  • People who find waxing as a painful hair removing method. 

Who Is Exempted From Laser Therapy

  • Candidates already undergoing chemotherapy sessions.
  • Pregnant females. 
  • People who have very sensitive skin.
  • Candidates with photosensitivity.

Is Laser Treatment Safe During Pregnancy? 

Since laser hair removal  is considered as one of the best and easiest approaches it is still questionable about its use during pregnancy. A lot of the females are concerned about whether laser treatment is safe during pregnancy or not. Here is a take about what gynecologists and experts have to say about laser hair removal during pregnancy.

According to them it is clearly stated that laser hair removal is prohibited during pregnancy. The reason behind it is the light emitted from the laser can be harmful to the fetus. 

Why is Laser Therapy Prohibited in Pregnancy? 

  • The light emitted can be dangerous for the fetus.
  • The positioning of the candidate while a laser therapy can be discomforting.
  • Can give rise to birth related defects. 
  • Multiple sessions can be hassle for the mother-to-be.

How is Laser Therapy Done ? 

  1. You will first be given an appointment date.
  2. The expert will tell you to lie down on a back rest and you will be allowed to relax. 
  3. A device that emits light will be brushed all over the target areas. 
  4. The heat generated from the lightning device will rupture and will destroy the hair follicle by penetrating deep down. 
  5. If the follicle will not be fully ruptured or damage the hair will grow but it will be a lot lighter and fine as compared to the previous hair growth. 

What Are The Other Hair Removal Options During Pregnancy? 

The results of the laser are remarkable and no other can be as compatible as laser hair removal in Dubai; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can enjoy your laser treatment benefits soon after you give birth. Meanwhile you can choose the following options for the removal of unwanted hair. 

  • Rica Wax. 
  • Hair removing lotions.
  • Hair removing creams. 
  • Battery operated epilators. 

What Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai? 

If you are anticipating knowing the laser hair removal cost in Dubai then it is better to consult the expert because he or she will best guide. A you depending upon your hair growth and the number of sessions required. 

To wait till your pregnancy completes  is friendly advice and soon after it you can get your hands on the laser removal effectively. 

The Bottom Line:

Pregnancy itself is a beautiful feeling and the glow is fairly different. As far as the unwanted hair are concerned you can get your hair laser hair removal in Dubai soon after you have given birth to your little one. 

Eat healthy and take good care of yourself.