Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent And Safe


Each day, when I’m presented with the duty of waxing my legs, I want a more durable answer. Regardless of the truth that I know Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is by far the best long-lasting alternative, I’ve never tried it for a few causes: One, I’m concerned about the discomfort; second, it’s unquestionably the most costly choice available; and third, how long can laser hair removal last, after all?

Since if I’m thinking of investing the time & expense, I would like the hair truly gone. Laser Hair Removal Cost Dubai is very low compared to others.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Performed?

Laser hair removal is a method of removing undesired hair. Legs, armpits, upper lip, jaw, and bikini are popular areas for laser hair removal. Yet, except for the eyelid and surrounding area, it is feasible to cure unwanted hair in practically every place. Must not treat Tattooed skin whatsoever.

The achievement of laser hair removal is determined by hair color and skin type. The essential idea is that the pigment in the hair must absorb photons not the pigmentation in the body. The laser must only harm the hair follicles while causing no harm to the skin. Consequently, a difference in hair and skin color – black hair and light skin — produces the most pleasing effects.

While there is minimal contrast between hair and skin color, the risk of skin harm increases, but developments in laser technology have enabled Laser hair reduction Dubai as a choice for persons with darker skin. Laser treatment is less successful on hair colors that absorb sunlight poorly, such as grey, red, golden, and whitish. Laser therapy methods for blond hair, on the other hand, are still being explored.

How Do You Prepare?

Pick a good specialist who is board certified in a specialty such as a dermatologist or cosmetic surgery that has expertise with laser treatment on your skin tone if you are interested in laser treatment. If the treatment is performed by a professional worker or a licensed nurse, ensure that a doctor monitors and is present on-site throughout the treatments. Be wary of spas, salons, or other establishments that permit nonmedical people to perform laser hair removal.

In addition, the doctor will provide exceptional advice for preparing for a long-lasting form of hair removal. These could involve:

Avoiding sun rays: Preventing sun exposure during treatment should be done following your doctor’s recommendations. Use broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen every time you walk outside.

Making your skin lighter: Many sunless skin lotions that lighten your skin should be avoided. If you have a fresh tan or black tone, your doctor may recommend a skin-whitening lotion.

Avoid Other techniques of hair removal: Plucking, trimming, and microdermabrasion can cause hair follicle disruption and must be stopped for at least four weeks before therapy.

Using blood thinners sparingly: Before the surgery, consult your doctor about which medications to skip, like aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Treatment area for shaving: The day before laser therapy, it is advised that you trim and shave. It eliminates hair above the skin, which can cause superficial skin damage from burned furs, but it keeps the hair roots intact beneath the skin.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

The fact is that while laser treatment is permanent, your hair will ultimately come back. Although you may not have a touch-up for two to six years after finishing treatments, touch-ups are usually required at least once every one to 4 years. According to Dr. Bernstein, although a few hairs may come back, they’ll be smoother and less harsh than before. We also anticipate a decrease in the volume or quantity of active hairs within the treated region,” he adds.

Aside from time, the location of the therapy on the body might also have a role. “Coarse hair areas, like the lower legs, bikini region, and Arms Laser Hair Removal, react the fastest, whereas finer facial hair reacts the slowest,” Dr. Bernstein explains. However, several variables might affect how long the hair removal procedure lasts. Which would involve the levels of energy employed, the laser surgeon’s skill, and existing skin issues, he explains.

It’s also not a one-and-done situation. After you’ve completed all of your sessions, laser treatment would last at least two years; although, upkeep sessions might be required to maintain the region hair-free indefinitely.


Laser hair removal may dramatically decrease a person’s skin hair. Little hair will regenerate in most individuals over the years. Certain skin tones and hair types yield better outcomes than others. The only approach to be sure of what to anticipate is to consult with a doctor, surgeon, or another experienced practitioner.

Cutting-edge medical laser technology and certified laser medical specialists help us achieve our goal of eliminating unwanted hair and giving long-term results. If you’re tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to get rid of unwanted hair, we could be an alternative to explore.