Is HRT Available in Dubai - Cost & Price

The cosmetology department at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai has been working tirelessly to provide patients with the latest hormonal replacement therapy in Dubai. Most women tend to reach menopause in their early 50s, which is a natural process when the body is growing old. This can lead to a serious impact on their hormonal balance.

Almost every woman will experience drastic hormonal changes in her body during menopause starting time. Menopause can lower your estrogen production and can lead to several disorders. But you can control all this with the newest hormone therapy. But is HRT Available in Dubai?

What is Hormone Therapy?

The process of injecting hormones into the female body during menopause is commonly referred to as hormone replacement therapy. Each vial contains a mix of estrogen and several other hormones. These injections are taken to replace the missing estrogen in the body.

You can also get this therapy to treat bone loss in women going through the postmenopausal period. However, if your doctor does not tailor your hormone therapy to suit your needs, it can have serious consequences.


Hormone Specialists in Dubai have come up with two types of this treatment to suit your needs. They are:

Systemic estrogen therapy:

This treatment is in the form of a pill, cream gel, and sometimes a skin patch. It contains a much higher estrogen dose that is directly applied to the skin. This ensures maximum absorption and can be used to treat several menopause symptoms

Vaginal products:

These products are available in a lower dose of estrogen and can be found in tablet or cream form. This minimizes the estrogen amount that the body absorbs and is used to treat vaginal menopause issues.

If your uterus is still intact, you will be given progesterone too. This is because if you are only given estrogen, it promotes the risk of getting endometrial cancer.

Is HRT Available in Dubai?

Hormonal Replacement Therapy in Dubai can easily be availed at Dynamic Clinic. We offer estrogen therapy in several forms including estrogen shots. Although estrogen shots do not work with everyone, this option is usually reserved for those who need a sudden boost instantly.

This means that you will have to go through a few tests before you can qualify for this treatment. Most women tend to get this treatment in their 60s which can only make it worse for them. So it’s best to get an appointment as soon as you start to feel like the symptoms are showing.

Who Qualifies for HRT in Dubai?

Getting hormone therapy can be risky and can only be given to certain groups such as

  • Women in their 50s.
  • Females who are starting to show menopause symptoms.
  • Anyone who is not chronically ill.
  • Women who are cancer free.
  • Women who are not overweight.
  • Females who have a healthy diet.

What is the Cost of HRT in Dubai?

The Cost of HRT in Dubai can range from AED 199 to AED 999. The total cost of this treatment is calculated by several things such as the treatment sessions. This price tag only applies to each session of the treatment and not the entire treatment course. Other factors that contribute to the cost include:

  • The Treatment option that you pick.
  • The treatment form that you receive (pills, patches, etc).
  • Materials needed.
  • The doctor’s bill.
  • Any additional materials required for the procedure.

Before getting into this procedure, you should first confirm with your insurance company if they will cover it or not. Most companies will not cover hormone therapy as they do not find it medically important. However, there are some companies that offer to cover partial or full treatment costs given the right circumstances.

Side Effects of Hormone Therapy:

Getting this treatment before the right age can cause you serious problems and complications such as:

  • Heart Problems.
  • Chest Cancer.
  • Blood clots.
  • Excessive periods.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Chances of stroke.

It is important to note that all these side effects only occur in women who have a history f genetic problems, are not the right age, or have chronic illnesses in their family. Otherwise the chances of getting these side effects it little to zero.

Ending Note:

Obstetrics & Gynecologists in Dubai usually recommend this therapy to women who are suffering from severe symptoms of menopause. It is not required for every woman to get hormone replacement therapy. So if your doctor does not prescribe this therapy to you, rest assured that you do not need it at the moment. However, if you feel like the symptoms are increasing, you should book an appointment with Dynamic Clinic immediately.

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