Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance in Dubai

Man boobs- medically termed as Gynecomastia. This breast condition usually occurs when a man’s hormones are out of balance. Researches show that if you drop a little fat and tweak your hormonal balance you’ll be on right track. This tactic claims one to be patient for months or even years to see results and once you skip the rules, the whole mess can return. However, if you want quick results, you can opt for Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai. Its cost is reported high which often raises the question that “Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Before we discern the policies of insurance companies regarding cosmetic surgeries, let’s first have quick look at the actual gynecomastia cost. 

Average Cost:

According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, the average cost of gynecomastia surgery is AED 15,000. Its minimum price is reported 10,000 and maximum is 25,000. This can exceed or drop depending upon the chest condition of man.

While some other health factors also contribute to calculating prices. You need to speak directly with our experts to get a precise estimate in your case.

Does Health insurance Coverage Include Gynecomastia Surgery?

The huge bill at the end of gynecomastia surgery can make you wonder if the associated health firm covers this or not. Well, the simple answer is NO. Usually, insurance companies don’t cover the cost of plastic surgeries as they are considered optional. Surgical procedures like gynecomastia are excluded because they are only allied to beautification and are not medically prescribed.

Is gynecomastia covered by insurance in Dubai? – Abu Dhabi government insurance plans elected cosmetic surgeries by not considering them important. Policyholders need to check with their insurance corporation for better direction. However, there is a very rare chance to get your cost covered.

Why Do Insurance Companies Do Not Offer Coverage On Cosmetic Surgeries?

If one goes willingly under the knife, the insurance company will not cover it. To beautify oneself not considered important in medical terms. This is the reason most health firms are not associated with covering procedures is gynecomastia.

However, if something goes wrong during your medical surgery and you can supply proof, the doctor’s insurance policy might be providing corrective operation for your betterment.

Financial Offers:

If your insurance company isn’t linked with cosmetic surgery, or if paying a large amount at once is your problem we have a solution for you.

Enfield Royal Dubai brings affordable plans with easy claiming ability. Our financial team proposes a couple of offers including installment plans and discounted packages. Note that, our installment plan is interest-free and you can avail of it anytime when surgery cost exceeds high. Besides this, you can keep checking our social platforms for more updates.

The Takeaway:

This article intended to promote general information about “Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance in Dubai?” It is not proposed to be a substitute for insurance companies. Seek direct guidance from your health insurance firm to check if they cover the cost of this surgery. Besides this, you can visit our Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai for further details about pricing, recommendations, installment plans, and other offers.

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