gynecomastia surgery in dubai

Many men have been afflicted by gynecomastia. Specifically, it is commonly indicated in bodybuilders due to the highly anabolic steroids they consume. Basically, it is an unbalance of the hormone levels of testosterone and estrogen that may cause it, and the breast tissues grow, surgery is needed to remove the glandular and fatty tissues. If you are interested to know about Gynecomastia Surgery for Bodybuilders in Dubai, then don’t worry. A lot of patients represent happiness with the outputs, and these surgeries have an elevated conquest rate, this tissue’s abnormal growth is caused by the extra use of alcoholic drugs, which leads to the appearance of larger breasts. It can be treated in a non-invasive way too.

The Aim of the treatment:

Gynecomastia surgery involves reducing the extra tissues of the breasts in an individual, specifically bodybuilders. This treatment is very purposeful, including:

  • Male breast lessening and condensing mammaplasty are additional names for this procedure. 
  • It benefits those who have enlarged breast tissue.
  • This technique is chosen by people to get rid of extra fat and tissue in their breasts.
  • Your self-image and conviction can be enhanced through gynecomastia surgery.
  • Many people choose to have this operation done in order to improve how they appear, whether they are wearing clothing or not.
  • This procedure may involve surgery, liposuction, or both.
  • The procedure that is ideal for you will be suggested by your provider.


  • Improve your self-esteem and courage.
  • It creates the ideal body for bodybuilders.
  • Increase your physical activity level.
  • Boost your posture and look.
  • Reduce your weight by a level.
  • Back discomfort is reduced.
  • Explore a wider selection of clothes.
  • Throughout the surgery, you feel no discomfort.

Initial Diagnosis:

It is obvious that the doctors will need to make a complete diagnosis and arrange a particular assessment for each patient, during which they will inspect the patient’s breasts and go over the procedure’s specifics, risks, and anticipated outcomes. Patients may also be asked about their medical history and ongoing drugs in order to assess their eligibility.

Male breasts are inspected by this method:

  • Ultrasonography test.
  • mammogram
  • Extraction with a fine-needle biopsy.

Treatment Option:

Your physician might suggest surgery by examining the size of your breasts and the severity of the condition. There are three commonly used  methods for gynecomastia:


  • The breast gland tissue is not removed with this procedure; only the breast fat can be treated.


  • The breast gland tissue is removed during this kind of surgery.
  • The procedure is frequently performed with very few incisions.
  • Less healing time is needed following this less invasive kind of surgery.

(Liposuction + Tissue Excision):

  • This technique is used in swear cases when both are required.
  • If you have excess fat glands or tissue, larger incisions are used in this method to remove breast tissue.


  • Your physician will assist you with all the relevant choices and purposes before the procedure.
  •  Exclusive blood tests and other required tests must be conducted.
  • You might need to stop taking some drugs, like blood thinners.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Do not use any medication before treatment.


  • Doctors will advise you about the requirement for treatment after analyzing the condition, but most commonly use liposuction.
  • The expert will inject an anesthetic through a vein to make you comfortable.
  • To release fat, they make multiple tiny slits and insert a suction tube.
  • During an excision procedure, your doctor can also move your areola and nipple.
  • The incision practices and time duration will be determined by your desired formation and the length of your breasts.
  • You might require both liposuction and excision.
  • You won’t experience any discomfort throughout the surgery because you’ll be unconscious the entire time.
  • After removing the extra tissues, the expert put the stitches and bandage in and advised you on the healing medication.

After Care:

  • After treatment, the bandage will be removed after four days.
  • After eight days, the stitches will be removed.
  • You will be on bed rest until complete recovery.
  • In the case of pain and discomfort, only use the prescribed medicines.


This procedure produces very effective results, including:

  • Many patients who undergo this procedure feel more confident and at ease with their appearance.
  • The healing process is very quick and satisfactory.
  • You will be able to jump, run, and engage in other activities after gynecomastia surgery.
  • No major side effects were noticed.
  • It is the safest process for the removal of extra tissues. 


Gynecomastia Surgery for Bodybuilders in Dubai is very reasonable and not fixed; total costs vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The selection of a process can alter the cost because each process is different from the others.
  • The reputation of the expert impacts the expense.
  • The security of the disease can change the cost.
  • If the clinic is located in a posh area, then the price will be high.

Before going for treatment, you must consider these elements. At Dynamic Clinic, the cost ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 25,000.

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