Is a HIFU Facial Treatment Safe for My Skin

The skin of the face has a propensity to droop due to gravity and the impacts of natural aging. Even while it frequently occurs in older adults, it may also occur in children. You can consider a facelift to look your finest if this makes you appear older than you are. Do you dislike having a facelift? No problem! Without making any incisions or using any sutures, HIFU Facial Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah may raise the face skin.

What is HIFU Facial Treatment?

In order to prepare and tighten the skin for a non-surgical face and neck facelift, a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is performed. In Dubai, HIFU is a brand-new class of non-invasive, non-surgical therapy that is comparable to ulceration but considerably more pleasant for the patient. Numerous face, neck, and neck discomfort can be treated with HIFU Facial Treatment in Dubai and protein injections can be utilized to break down the muscles. 

Also, make the frame back. HIFU is the answer for those who are concerned about aging or sagging skin. There are three strategies to encourage the under-skin collagen to tighten up once again. 

The HIFU technique uses ultrasound waves to activate the subcutaneous muscles.

HIFU fixes, lifts, and conditions loose skin on the head, button, neck, and even the chest and torso using conventional healing techniques and focused ultrasound. the use of focusing ultrasonic energy to focus depth on the skin without damaging or intruding on the surrounding tissue.

Who Can Receive Treatment?

For the majority of persons over 20 to 25 years old, HIFU is safe and appropriate. Younger people would often not need HIFU Facial Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi despite the fact that it is safe. It can be necessary for some young patients’ double chin treatments or other particular needs. In order to lift and tighten the treated region and help slow down the aging process, HIFU will promote the creation of collagen and elastin.

What Conditions may HIFU Treat?

The face and body can both be treated with HIFU. For every part of the body and face, we have particularly created hand parts.

  • Facial therapies.
  • Entire facelift.
  • Neck lift and full facelift.
  • The brow.
  • Headlines frowning.
  • Lifting crow’s feet.
  • A Jaw Lift.
  • A higher facelift.
  • Early Facelift.
  • Reduced Facelift.
  • Reduced nasolabial folds.
  • Neck raise.


  • With the exception of a needle in your hand to provide a general anesthetic, HIFU Facial Treatment in Dubai does not entail any wounds to the skin or needles.
  • Small cancerous lesions can be treated with focal HIFU with little harm to the surrounding muscles, nerves, and tissue.
  • You just require a brief hospital stay and may typically leave the same day you receive therapy.
  • Most men resume their regular activities within two weeks after a speedy recovery.
  • Surgery is more likely to result in erection or urinary issues than HIFU.
  • If your cancer recurs after your initial HIFU therapy, you might be able to get it once more. Not all therapies are like this.
  • If your cancer recurs, you might be able to get further therapies like surgery or radiation following HIFU.

Is HIFU Safe, You Might be Thinking?

Yes, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive anti-aging procedure that is thought to be highly safe and effective for lifting, firming, and tightening drooping face skin.

A Clinic professional practitioner uses a secure and efficient medical-grade technology, to deliver our HIFU Facial Treatment in Dubai. To accomplish non-invasive facial tissue lifting and to enhance skin texture and tone, we apply secure HIFU technology on the face. It is our newest non-surgical skin tightening alternative; treatments provide drooping face tissue an unequaled boost in collagen and elastin.

High-energy ultrasound energy is used during HIFU treatments to penetrate the skin. Without endangering surrounding tissue or the skin’s outer layer, ultrasonic therapy acts on collagen and skin at deeper depths. One of the reasons HIFU treatments are so successful is that they penetrate deeply, sparing the untreated skin. This contrasts with other anti-aging skin remedies that work on the skin’s surface, such as laser resurfacing or Chemical Peels.

Four multi-depth cartridges on the Ultra former immediately transport ultrasonic energy into various facial layers to stimulate collagen renewal for a tighter, younger-looking complexion.


The process of HIFU Facial Treatment in Dubai is;

  • First, we attempt to produce lift by moving the ultrasonic probe upward.
  • Second, the targeted, high-intensity ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin’s dermis to provide the intended skin-tightening results.
  • Additionally, the skin layers above are untouched, leaving no traces.

Final Verdict!

A highly safe and efficient operation will be provided by the doctors at our clinic, who have more than 20 years of expertise in this process. To schedule a through consultation with one of our knowledgeable doctors, please make an appointment. What are you waiting for? We also provide excellent discounts to all of our current clients. For more information about HIFU Facial treatment in Dubai & Sharjah give us a call or make an appointment online.