Skin Whitening in Dubai

All Skin Problems, One Perfect Solution!

Though home skin remedies are easily accessible, so are tried by all. It couldn’t be wrong to say that we all have been attempting skin remedies despite knowing that they hardly work and can’t be a permanent and effective solution for skin problems. 

Take a step ahead for your own benefit, and try out PRP for Skin Whitening in Dubai!

What Is PRP?

PRP represents Platelet Rich Plasma which is also called autologous conditioned plasma. It’s a concentrated blood plasma consisting of three to five times the number of platelets generally found in regular blood. It contains protein-derived or rich platelet-derived body’s natural growth factors, which are further used to benefit the skin, and hairs and resolves other health problems.

How PRP Rejuvenates The Skin?

PRP does the skin rejuvenation by using the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma, which stimulates collagen growth and new cell generation. Resulting in tightening the loose skin, lessening the acne marks, minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration/hyperpigmentation with the brighter skin and smoother texture. 

PRP Skin Rejuvenation Procedure:

It’s a safe, quick, and straightforward procedure requiring no anesthesia and is completed in less than 30 minutes.

The practitioner generally takes a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm and then puts it in a spinner that takes 8 to 10 minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood.

Then the specific amount of prp is injected into the different targeted areas.  

That’s all! Isn’t it quick and simple?

Goals Of PRP Skin Rejuvenation Therapy:

It Literally Does Skin Transformation:

It heals the most depressing and painful skin condition. You exactly got right there, Acne Damages! It can’t be possible that you have never gone through acne. Everyone Does. But no worries, Ladies and Gentlemen, PRP acne injections are here to relieve you. Its wonders do not end here but continue to benefit you by shrinking the large pores, reducing hyperpigmentation, and more.

Reversion Of Aging:

PRP Skin regeneration meant the words. It dramatically reverses the aging signs and the damaged skin and takes us back to the period when our younger selves used to slay without makeup! It diminishes the appearance of aging signs like saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. As the 25th year of life passes, our skin starts decreasing the collagen production resulting in wrinkled, loose, and dull skin. It lifts the saggy skin and makes us look younger again by increasing collagen production.


PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is a non-invasive therapy that does not involve using other chemicals for skin regeneration. The patient’s own blood is used from which the PRP gets separated, and then the same PRP is injected directly into the skin. So, there is no chance of side effects or allergic reactions.

Short Quick Procedure:

It is a short quick process that hardly takes 30 minutes to complete. As soon as the Platelet Rich Plasma gets activated, it gets injected into the skin. The natural growth factors heal the skin, improve texture and enhance collagen production, resulting in new skin cell growth. The skin continues to improve and becomes brighter over time.

Prolonged Effects:

The procedure is short, but the results aren’t. Three to four continuous treatments are recommended, so the customer can enjoy the long-term term effects for 18 months to three years. The skin’s appearance, texture and tone will continue to get better.

How long Will we have to wait for the Results?

The PRP skin brightening therapy starts healing and improving the skin right after the treatment, and the patient will enjoy the complete results after three weeks of the procedure. The effects are long-term and will be there with you benefitting for almost three years. 

Is The PRP For Skin Whitening Safe?

It definitely is. Your natural growth factors are used for your skin betterment, so there are no allergic reactions, side effects or complications expected. However, It is totally okay to have swelling, mild bruising, and pinpoint bleeding, which will resolve and go away within a day. 

PRP For Skin Whitening Cost In Dubai

PRP Skin rejuvenation costs One Session 1500 AED, Package 3 Session 3900 AED

Skin Whitening in Dubai costs about 1000 AED. 

The point to remember is that these are the general costs. The total actual price will be defined in the initial consultation with the experts at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai. 

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