Implants Option For Breast Augmentation

Breast implants may be used to make a woman’s breasts larger and fuller. This may be done for reconstructive or aesthetic reasons, such as following a mastectomy, a procedure carried out after breast cancer.

In this article, only the aesthetic types of breast augmentation will be covered. It goes through the many kinds of breast implants available, the methods employed, and any potential consequences.

Types of Breast Implants (Saline and Silicone)

Breast implants come in two main but different types: saline and silicone gel. Saline breast implants in Dubai that are injected with sterilized salt water are known as saline-filled implants. Some of the implants are filled beforehand, whereas others are injected during the implant procedure. Silicone breast implants in Dubai with silicone gel filling are silicone casings filled. While many claim that silicone gel implants feel more natural than saline implants, they represent a greater danger if they leak. Both silicone or saline breast implants have smooth or textured shells and come in various sizes. Both have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it comes down to personal taste.


Breast implant price and cost in Dubai is determined by the location, surgeon, and implant type. Breast implant cost in Dubai is usually between AED 18,000 and 25,000. Breast augmentation is frequently not covered by health insurance since it is an aesthetic operation.

Asking the Doctor Questions 

By asking questions, you’ll be able to achieve the most excellent outcome possible for you, with no unpleasant surprises.

Do not be scared to ask challenging questions. Having everything out in the open will make you feel more at ease, and you’ll go into surgery comfortable and secure in your decision.

How Is Breast Implant Surgery Performed?

During a breast implant procedure in Dubai, the following steps will be taken. First, you will consult with your doctor for a medical examination prior to your breast implant operation. You may discuss your desires with the doctor and get feedback. Several days before your procedure, your surgeon may advise you to stop using certain drugs. Breast augmentation may be done as an outpatient treatment or as an overnight stay in the hospital.

It takes around 2 hours to complete the process. The patient will most likely be put under general anesthesia, which will render you “asleep” and pain-free. Depending on your physique, the kind of implant, and the amount of enlargement, the surgeon will create an incision beneath your breast, underneath your armpits, or around your nipples. The breast implant will be placed in a pocket directly beneath your chest muscle by the surgeon. Stitches or medical tape will be used to seal the wounds once the implant has been placed.


After the procedure, the chest region will be covered with gauze. Drainage tubes may be present, that will be taken out in a few days. As you recuperate, you might have to wear a postoperative bra. During recovery for a breast implant or breast augmentation, you’ll need to rest for at least one week. For example, patients should not lift anything heavy for at least six weeks after obtaining your implants. Acetaminophen and other over-the-counter pain medicines may assist in alleviating discomfort. You will also be prescribed pain medication by your doctor. The region where the procedure was performed will most definitely be swollen, which is normal. The swelling will go down over time, and the scars should vanish.


Breast implants aren’t meant to stay forever. If you experience difficulties or if the size and form of your breasts change over time, you might need to have the implants changed. Women who have silicone gel-filled augmentations should undergo an MRI scan three years after surgery and then every two years after that to monitor for silent rupture. You’ll need to have your implants removed or replaced if they burst.

Breast implants may make getting a mammogram more challenging, although specific X-ray scans can be done. Breast implants may increase your chances of developing breast cancer. Breast implants may also make it more difficult to nurse.

Choosing the Best Surgeon!

Finding a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon is critical before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. Many physicians claim to be plastic surgeons, and any doctor who has completed medical school may claim to be one.

At Dynamic Clinic, we ensure both the safety and satisfaction of the patient in all stages of their procedure. Our board of competent and capable plastic surgeons have had years of expertise and are dedicated to meeting your expectations. Schedule a free appointment with our clinic and get started on your journey for breast implants.