Hydra Facial LED Light Treatment

The LED light facial is done to improve wound healing at a quicker pace. This facial includes shining a wavelength of light onto the skin. A light-enhancing gel is also used to improve the working of the light.

Several wavelengths are used for different treatments. The most commonly used lights are Red and Blue and sometimes black light. Red light can increase collagen production whereas blue light helps in killing the bacteria, for the reduction of acne.

Who Should Get an LED Hydra Facial?

For someone concerned about acne or aging, you should get an LED facial treatment. And it is safe for you. Don’t mix it with the laser therapies. Eyes are properly protected with a cover. And it is not like an ordinary treatment. It is completely pleased with no pain. The treatment is very much like soaking up the sun with no risk of UV rays. It’s like warming up your skin.

Number of Sessions Required:

Just one session is not always enough, you may need multiple sessions to see the perfect results. They are comparatively cheap. But you must follow up the sessions every once in a while. You can revisit the dermatologist as frequently as you possibly can. Although you can get a facial treatment tool of your own to use at home the treatment done by an expert is unmatchable.

Treated Concerns of Hydra Facial through LED

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Texture of Skin
  • Dark Spots
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Oily skin

 The Goal of the Treatment:

  • Elasticity of skin
  • Firmness
  • Even tone

Cost of Hydra Facial LED Light Treatment:

The estimated cost for the Hydra facial LED light treatment ranges from 450 AED to 700 AED or sometimes more. We have seen variations in the cost of the treatment in Dubai. The Dynamic Clinic offers the best prices for the treatment. There is a team of experts to guide and give out a proper and free consultation before any treatment. You are going to get proper information about all your queries.

Is LED Hydra Facial Worth It?

Hydra facial using the LED treatment is much better than the traditional hydra facials. As the LED hydra facial covers a lot of skin-related concerns. You can be of any age group to get a facial. It is a high-end tech-based procedure that can help in rejuvenating the skin without any pain or discomfort. You’ll end up getting youthful skin. Your skin would feel hydrated, fresh, and clean and it is worth the price.

No Side Effects:

The LED-based HydraFacial in Dubai is safe, painless, and causes no discomfort. Super-sensitive skin may face a bit of redness that can go away in no time. And you can always go for a safe treatment.

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