How To Remove Warts On Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Fast Facts:

  • Warts are painless growths that can develop anywhere on the body
  • Although they usually go away on their own, special office procedures can help them depart fast
  • Warts most commonly develop on the face, feet, underarms, genitals, neck, and hands

Read on to learn more about how to remove warts on the face in Dubai.

This blog post also explains what causes warts and how do you stop them from spreading.


Unlike other cosmetic procedures, anyone can get benefit from wart removal treatment in Dubai. This treatment aims to:

  • Improve the immune system to fight the virus
  • Destroy warts

But it is worth pointing out that it may take three to four months for the treatment to work. Remember that, practitioners generally start with prescriptions, especially when patients have common warts.

Anyway, to remove warts permanently, the doctor can suggest one of the following therapies.


Warts can be removed by utilizing liquid nitrogen. It is currently being considered as a standard treatment for warts. After just 4-5 sessions, the approach cures seventy to eighty percent of warts. However, note that, even with a full cryotherapy course, the lumps tend to develop again.

Chemical peel:

Considering chemical peel is a great way to treat warts in teenagers. It is a non-invasive approach the offers promising results in just three to four sittings. Just so you know, chemical peel treatment done at the doctor’s office involves the application of special chemical solutions on the affected area.

Laser Treatment:

Laser resurfacing is another mind-blowing solution to get rid of warts. It is a quick and painless technique. With intense laser light, the warts are destroyed and burned.


Minor surgical excision can be carried out to remove unattractive lumps. But note that, this approach is slightly painful because doctors generally perform it with scalpels and scissors.


The cost of wart removal in Dubai varies depending on the location of warts, symptoms, and individual choices. In general, the price ranges between AED 399 to AED 999.

What Causes warts and How do you Stop Them from Spreading?

Although warts aren’t considered harmful, if left untreated they can spread very easily.

For your information, infection with HPV is the main cause of warts. The virus triggers the production of keratin, a hard, fibrous protein found in nails, and skin.

Note that, if you touch a wart and then touch another area of the body, it is likely that wart will develop in that area as well. It’s best to keep warts covered and wash your hands instantly after you touch them in order to stop them from spreading.


Warts are fairly easy to recognize since they have a unique look. Anyhow, while determining the appropriate treatment option, the location of the Warts Removal and is it contagious or not will also be taken into account.

Just a quick reminder: If you have warts that bleeds, cause pain and distress, the physician may ask you to see a dermatologist.

Is Wart Removal Covered by Insurance?

This treatment is considered “cosmetic” and we know that cosmetic procedures are not usually covered by health insurance.

The Outlook:

Most warts are pain-free and go away without special treatments. However, office procedures surely can help them clear up fast. In general, you can get Chemical peel, cryotherapy, laser treatment, or excision to get smooth, beautiful skin.

People with weak immune systems are at an increased for developing warts. These people can even develop a wart because of contact with an individual who already has it.

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