How to Prepare for Your First Botox

Botox is a highly effective and non-invasive cosmetic procedure to treat wrinkles and frown lines. After considering the severity of the skin problem, and treatment area at the initial consultation, the only thing left to do is prepare and wait.

Undergoing cosmetic treatments can be very exciting but for those who don’t know what to expect, these procedures can cause some anxiety. Fortunately, you can avoid this anxiety with good preparation. Good pre-operative planning can make your recovery easy, comfortable, and fast. But, how to prepare for your first Botox appointment in Dubai, & Sharjah? In this blog post, we will examine.

  • What you should do and what shouldn’t before getting Botox?
  • Why do lifestyle choices really matter when it comes to results?


In general, Botox patients of Dynamic clinic can return to normal activities in about 24 hours, with strenuous exercises allowed after a week. To make the most of this recovery time, here is how you can prepare.

Several days before

  • Since side-effects are to be expected and can vary depending on which area Botox is being injected, taking these steps prior to the procedure will help in bringing down the chances of their occurrence:
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for at least two days before. Alcohol can thin the blood making it easier for swelling and bruising to develop.
  • Refrain from using medications as well as herbal supplements 
  • Quit smoking. This may be difficult for you. But because it has several adverse effects on the healing process, you must steer clear of it. We would discuss this with you at the initial appointment. 
  • Tell your dermatologist if you have any health condition, skin infection, or allergy as this may cause severe bruising or swelling. 
  • It is also important to tell the provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • In addition to changes in routine activities, there are some appliances, and medications, that you are encouraged to buy in advance to help with the side effects. At Dynamic clinic, Dr. Zein generally recommends patients buy pain killers, moisturizers, arnica, cold compressors, etc.
  • Make sure you are 100% comfortable with the dermatologist, and what you are hoping to achieve. The days leading to the procedure is the time you want to feel happy and secure and to ensure that you and the skin expert are on the same page. There is certainly no reason to not discuss any insecurities, fears, and worries you have about the treatment. 
  • Arrange transportation in advance. As with other cosmetic treatments, you will not be permitted to drive immediately after the treatment has been performed.

Treatment Day

Anyhow, the most important things what to expect at first Botox Appointment is on the treatment day. Below is a quick run-down of the steps you should take before coming to the office.

  • Do not apply any makeup, even regular moisturizers on the day of the procedure
  • Prefer wearing loose-fitting, and comfortable clothes
  • Don’t bring valuables, such as mobiles, watches, jewelry to the treatment

The Takeaway

Follow all of Dr. Zein’s instructions for pre-operative care for your Botox appointment in order to achieve the finest results with your particular recovery plan. 

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With a preparation plan in mind, your Botox appointment will be as simple as it can be, and you can get to enjoy your life with a new face, better skin. Dr zeinalabdin and his dedicated team at Dynamic clinic is here to provide you with the quality results you want and the information you desire. 

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