How to Lift Eyelids with Botox

Many people suffer from droopy eyelids which is an unwanted appearance for most of us. A lot of serious conditions can become a cause for this unwanted condition including brain tumors, cancer of muscle, or nerves. Everyone gets bothered with such situations and demands an appropriate treatment.

Several techniques have been experiencing for years to overcome this concern however some people do exercises on daily basis for droopy eyelids. But these practices don’t hold importance anymore when compared to efficient results of Botox Injections. This blog post will identify the details regarding How to lift eyelids with Botox in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Botox Treatment:

Botox is comprised of a drug that paralyzes the muscle or weakens it. Most commonly it has been treating to resolve the concerns of fine lines and wrinkles but now it also comes up with overcoming the droopy eyelid which looks awkward and can irritate you.

A specific amount of dosage is injected into the identified area to lift the eyelid. Our expert doctors hold complete know-how regarding the details of this therapy to deliver the best possible results.

How to Lift Eyelids with Botox in Dubai?

The majority hold the misconception regarding the droopy eyelids that it’s caused due to Botox, which is true to some extent but not certain every time. As every individual is treated differently according to their concern so results also vary.

Dealing with the lifting of eyelids isn’t a concern anymore due to Botulinum toxins which are comprised of Hyaluronic acid Juvederm or Sculptra fillers etc. that helps a lot in tightening the skin by smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

When the prepared solution is injected into the targeted area near the eyelids, it provides the volume around the upper and lower lid areas by filling the deeper curves. It’s not the matter of one injection you might be needing to attend the further sittings for the maintenance of results as filler therapies aren’t permanent but long-lasting.

Botox is better than Eyelid Surgery?

People often demand to look younger no matter whether they have to go under the knife but somehow some people are afraid of surgeries and still want enhancement in their beauties. Non-surgical injectable procedures are specifically designed for them!

Most importantly, it’s very crucial to examine the eye area before coming to a final decision, if you have heavy excess skin under the eyelids the finest upshots cannot be achieved from Botox. You might be needing to get the Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery).

Conversely when we talk about the standard eyelid concerns Botox for eyelid lifting in Dubai is the best option that paralyzes the muscles that cause the droopy eyelids. The Paralyzing of muscles sounds to be scary but they are extremely safe! When compared to other surgical procedures. The needle used in injection reaches the area under the eyelids where a knife can’t so it would be a better choice. Additionally, they cost two or three times less than the Eyelid Surgery so give it a try and eradicate your difficulties for a long time!

In Dubai, Botox is the most widely used procedure people get these injections even in their lunchtime break because it has no severe side effects and long recovery procedures! But still, you cannot decide which is best for you. It’s better to have a detailed communication with our expert doctors at Dynamic clinic so they can suggest an appropriate treatment type whether it’s Botox or Blepharoplasty!

How soon will I see the Results?

The results from Botox eyelid lifting can be seen quickly right after the procedure and your eyes will appear more defined with improved vision and youthful appearance. However complete upshots require some time. After every four to six months you will be called for touch-up sessions prescribed by your doctor.

In addition to the improvement of appearance, you will notice a big relief in your migraine pains. Different researches have proved that migraine sufferers have gained positive benefits from Botox injections for eyelid lifting. So not only the beauty concerns, but it will also help in your medical difficulties.

Wrapping it up!

It’s the most obvious fact of losing elasticity in our skin as we tend to age which usually results in droopy eyelids and several other skin disorders. Botox has been widely used for lifting the eyelids without any severe discomforts or any downtime. People who’re living in Dubai or outside are highly welcomed at Dynamic Clinic for clearing the query of How to lift eyelids with Botox in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? As many of us are the victim of this unwanted concern. Get this excellent therapy at reasonable rates by visiting us!