Best dermatologist in dubai for acne

Faces are a prominent and important part of the personality. Having acne during teenage or early adulthood is common in both males and females. Teens going through skin-related issues, especially acne is the main reason for low self-esteem, less confidence, and embarrassment.

What is Acne?

It’s an ordinary and natural skin condition in which the hair follicles get blocked due to greased secretions and dead skin cells. In simple words, A red and swollen spot usually appears on the skin filled with pus called acne.

People of all ages get affected by acne, but it is most common in teenagers. There is no need to get worried about regular acne. But if your acne is large and painful, you need a proper treatment. You need a consultation with a Skin Specialist if you’re going through severe acne. Take an appointment with the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for acne to treat your acne in a proper way and medications.

Types Of Acne

  • Blackheads(Open clogged bumps)
  • Whiteheads( Closed clogged white bumps)
  • Papules (small red spots)
  • Pustules(Pimples)
  • Nodules(painful and large)
  • Cysts or Severe Nodular Acne (pus-filled)

Causes of Acne

  • High sebum production
  • Inflammation
  • Excessive Dead Skin Cells
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Diet
  • Specific Medications
  • Bacterial growth in pores
  • Inheritance Factors
  • Cosmetics
  • Stress

How to Improve Teen Acne

  • Avoid using oily products on your face
  • Stop Popping and Bursting pimples
  • Cleanse your face twice a day
  • Avoid Scrubbing
  • More okay to use a clean face mask daily

Remember, if these steps don’t work for you it is highly recommended to consult a Dermatologist to cure acne.

When to visit a Dermatologist?

The best time to visit a dermatologist is when your acne is getting worse, and nothing is working for you. Painful, large, and pus-filled acne leaves permanent scars and is problematic. A patient needs appropriate treatment to cure this type of acne. Get an Acne scar treatment in Dubai for a proper consultation and the best services at reasonable rates.

Acne Diagnosis

Dermatologists help the patient differentiate between the type of acne and other symptoms  based on visual examination. And then, the most suitable treatment according to the patient’s needs is provided.

How Dermatologists Treat Acne

Do you want to know Which acne treatment is most beneficial for you?

Acne treatment depends on the type of acne and symptoms you’re suffering. 

Normal Acne Like Blackheads, Whiteheads, and Pimples usually gets treated with medications, but large, pus-filled and painful acne gets cured with the proper and most suitable treatment.

How Dermatologist deals with Severe Acne

  1. Laser Therapy
  2. Corticosteroids Injections
  3. Chemical Peels
  4. Healthy Diet


  • Removed Acne Scars
  • Cleared out Painful and Worse Acne 
  • Smooth and Healthier Skin
  • Enhanced Face appearance

Side Effects of Acne Treatments

Skin Specialist in Dubai uses different acne treatments according to the type of acne a patient is going through, but each of them has temporary side effects. Dermatologist will guide you about the type of treatment, and its side effects in the consultation.

Cost of Acne Treatment in Dubai

Skin Specialist in Dubai treats various types of acne and each type requires different treatment. So the cost varies depending on the type of Acne treatment the patient gets. Different Acne treatments are used so the cost is not specific. 

Consultation with Dermatologist

Are you having trouble determining the type of acne on your face? Do you want to get rid of the acne and acne scars? Do you want healthier, Bright and Clear Skin?

Get an Appointment with the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for the most suitable treatment and get the best results.