How to get satisfactory hair transplant results

Hair transplant surgery is the best option if you are a victim of hair loss. There are non-surgical options available too but there is no guarantee that they will deliver 100% satisfactory results.

Before getting in-depth about the results you should know what actually hair transplant surgery is? In this surgery, healthy hair follicles are extracted from the donor site and placed in the recipient site – bald areas of the scalp. Two main techniques by which donor grafts are extracted,

  • FUE
  • FUT

In FUT, a narrow strip of skin is extracted from the back of the scalp and the edges of the cuts are sutured together whereas, in FUE, the surgeon removes follicles from the donor site one by one

It is the fact that people get dishearten when they expect too much from the treatment. Maybe, after the treatment, you will not get the same hair density that you were promised to receive. Prior to the treatment take proper care of your hair to increase the chances of brilliant results.

Hair transplant amazingly transforms people’s lives but not everyone can undergo it. Fulfill certain candidacy criteria to be a perfect candidate for the treatment. People with low hair densities and diffused unpatented alopecia are generally poor candidates for hair transplants.

How to Get Satisfactory Results of a Hair Transplant?

We cannot guarantee you a 100% success rate but we can guarantee you zero percent medical problems. Here are some tips for you to get satisfactory results of Hair Transplant in Dubai,

  • To get the best results of hair transplant surgery, you should have realistic expectations about the outcomes
  • The selection of a surgeon is a crucial decision a patient has to make. Choose a surgeon who is highly experienced in this field because it matters a lot in delivering best results
  • You need to follow all the pre-procedural and post-procedural instructions attentively
  • Do not touch the treatment area unnecessarily.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises for 3-4 weeks after the treatment to trigger the recovery process and increase the effectiveness of the results
  • Do not massage your scalp for about 24 hours post-procedure. After a day, start massaging it as per the instructions of the surgeon.
  • Sleep with your head elevated at 45 degrees to minimize the risk of bleeding and other complications
  • Maintain a healthy eating lifestyle because food is very important. Drink at least 5-8 glasses of water and avoid eating fast food for some days.
  • Take all the recommended oral medications as per the directions of the surgeon
  • It is easier for the surgeon to insert follicles in the loose scalp than in the tight one, so prior to the surgery make sure your scalp is not tight
  • Ensure you have sufficient hair follicles available for hair transplant

Is it Possible to Get 100% Satisfactory Results?

If a board-certified surgeon is performing the surgery and you are following all the pre and post-procedural instructions then the chances of getting 100% satisfactory results are increased.

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