How to Get a Designer Belly Button

You’re considering having your stomach tightened. Are you trying to get rid of excess skin, develop a more curvy figure, or get a flattened, straighter stomach? All of these objectives can be accomplished with a belly tuck, and you are searching for How to Get a Designer belly button? If you want to regain fitness as you did before being pregnant, giving birth, or putting on too much weight from eating too much and not exercising or jogging, you are not alone. People who have struggled to lose weight through exercise and diet are aware of the amount of work necessary to regain their health and physical fitness. The most aggravating and infuriating part, however, is when your efforts to achieve a smaller, more sculpted shape are mocked by the loose, wrinkled skin that covers your belly and other body parts. Ladies and gentlemen, keep calm! The Tummy Tuck Procedure in Dubai will give you the results you desire!

The Aims of the Treatment:

This slashing technique helps patients, especially those who constantly have loose skin as a result of conditions including childbirth, rapid weight loss, prior procedures, etc. It is less like systemic therapy and more like an aesthetic technique because it deals with the restoration and reconstruction of the tonicity and shape of the body. Tummy Tuck surgery in Dubai is an efficient technique that has helped people reclaim both their previous physique and their confidence.

Types of  Processes:

There are three main kinds of surgical intervention that also involve Liposuction, and they are as follows:

Full Abdominoplasty:

This procedure involves making extensive incisions along the bikini line starting from the hipbone. The shape is realigned in relation to the abdominal skin, the muscles of the abdominal wall are pulled taut, and excess skin and fat are removed.

Minimal or Small Abdominoplasty:

This procedure strengthens the abdominal muscles and reduces pockets of excess fat only below the navel. Compared to surgery complete abdominoplasty, it can be performed with a significantly smaller cut. Most of the time, the belly button won’t need to be repositioned, however, it depends on the situation. The wounds will be patched up with bandages.

Extended Abdominoplasty:

You may require an extended abdominoplasty if you lost a significant amount of weight and have extra skin hanging from the entire front of your lower body. If you have stretched abdominal muscles from more than one pregnancy, this much more intrusive operation might be necessary. An extended abdominoplasty requires a considerably longer incision. Underwear or swimsuits, however, can also hide it.

Pre-procedure Care:

The Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai, will inquire about your medical background and thoroughly inspect your abdomen, following are the preparations for the treatment:

  • You must be completely honest with the practitioner about what you have experienced.
  • Inform the surgeon of your goals in terms of appearance and ambitions
  • They will develop a treatment plan that is specific to your requirements after assessing your cosmetic goals.
  • Before having a belly tuck, do a lab test if necessary.
  • Before beginning treatment, stop using natural medicines and blood thinners.
  • To lessen the chance of tissue injury and reduced blood flow, quit smoking.
  • keep a stable for treatment.


The Designer Belly Button procedure is performed in a simple way, the steps of the treatments are given below:

  •  Anesthesia will be given to the individual to make them comfy once the skilled expert has marked the treatment location.
  •  Once the anesthesia has subsided, the surgeon will make incisions and remove the excess skin from the belly to reveal the layer of abdominal muscles beneath.
  • Once stiffness has been achieved, the abdominal skin is applied over the muscular layer using a more formal procedure.
  • The excess skin and fat are now assessed and removed after that.
  • Then placed back in its proper position after this layer has been sewn back into place.

After Procedure Care:

Surgical bandages are used to wrap or seal the area once the treatment is satisfactorily performed, then you will be advised to follow the given instructions:

  • The doctor will put pipes in the wound to remove any extra blood or liquid.
  • To avoid blood clotting on the first day after surgery, you will be instructed to walk cautiously.
  • Antibiotics and medicines will be given to you. The recommendation will be made for you to wear an abdomen body suit until the injury is fully healed.
  • After therapy, the surgeon will give you a list of dos and don’ts.
  • After six weeks, you should at least be cautious when moving around.
  • Plan a follow-up session to ensure improved performance.


The Designer Belly Button in Dubai typically ranges between 30,000AED and 35,000AED. This is an approximate price for a belly tuck that the patient can expect to pay. The patient’s issue, the treatment plan, and other elements all affect the price, the expertise of the doctor, and the location of the clinic.

Why Pick Us?

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