How To Choose Between A Lip Flip Or Lip Filler

Smile! This is one of the beautiful things you are an expert at!

All facial features aside, Let’s talk about the beauty your lips have. Women’s lips have always been the centre of attention, making them attractive and beautiful. Where beauty standards have made plump and volumized lips in demand, at the same time, the fact can’t be denied that not every woman has those lips. If you are one of those, you must be thinking about correcting them. As there are two main non-surgical approaches for Lip Augmentation Dubai, you don’t have to get confused about getting Lip Flip or Lip Fillers.

Here is something to make you clear-minded about making the right decision.

Are the Lip Flip and Lip Fillers the Same?

Absolutely Not!

They both fall in the category of Lip Augmentation, and both aim to enhance lip beauty but are entirely different.

Let’s first talk about lip anatomy to make a difference.

Lip Flips

If your lips give you a gummy smile, or the upper lip is thinner or less fuller than the lower one, you need a Lip Flip to enhance your upper lip’s volume and shape.

Lip flips aim not to make your lips volumized and fuller, but they only make them look fuller. For this purpose, Buttox Injections are used.

Lip Flip Procedure

Lip Injection Dubai is a non-invasiveness and non-surgical cosmetic approach that makes your upper lip fuller and plumper by injecting the botox. These are 100% safe to use, and there are no such side effects. It’s hardly a 10 to 20 minutes procedure in which the dermatologist injects the botox in your lip’s cupid bow and the corner of your mouth. This helps make the upper lip flip outward and upward, resulting in fuller and plumper lips.

It’s a non-invasive process with minimal downtime. The results will be shown in a day or two and will last for about 8 months to one year.

The point to be considered is that the Lip Flips don’t actually enhance the lip’s volume. They just make them look fuller.

If you want to increase your lip volume and enjoy the effects a little longer, It would be great to experience the Best Lip fillers in Dubai!

Lip Fillers 

Lip Fillers are used for people who want natural-looking volumized lips with long-term effects. There are generally two types of fillers used such as Juvederm and Restylane. Both are made of hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the human body. So you will be worry-free that your body will not react negatively absorbing it.

Lip Fillers Procedure

It’s a few minutes process that is non-invasive and relatively pain-free. The dermatologist takes a required amount of filler according to your lips and the desired look you want and then injects the filler into the lip areas, which need to be volumized.

The results are immediately visible and will take a few days to be shown entirely when the swelling subsides.

The results are long-term and last for a year.

How To Choose Between A Lip Flip Or Lip Filler?

The choice totally depends on your demands and the desired lip look you want. Both techniques can effectively work for the purpose they have actually developed.

If your upper lip is less fuller than the lower, and you want a more prominent and plumper upper lip without filler (not really volumized but just appears to be), you are good to go for the lip Flips.

Fillers are made for the people who want an increment and volume in the lip size and shape with the long-term results.

Cost of Lip Injection Dubai 

The price of Lip fillers in Dubai varies between 1000 AED to 2000 AED. The cost is usually determined by the amount of filler required for the desired look and differs from patient to patient. Various other elements disturb the treatment’s actual total cost.

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