How Often Do you Need Laser Hair Removal

To permanently remove hair from legs, bikini area, underarms, face, etc. you should go for Laser Hair Removal. It is an incredible solution to facial and body hair. You can either try this treatment at home or visit a dermatologist’s office for it. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, the treatment is mainly done with Nd: YAG laser device. It is a safe and very effective medical equipment capable of penetrating deeply in the skin to be willingly absorbed by important chromospheres of the skin including hemoglobin and melanin. How often do you need laser hair removal is the most common question asked by patients. This blog is specially written to throw light on this side of treatment.

How Does a Laser Work?

Our previous patients reported mild discomfort and pain during the therapy so now we perform it under local anesthesia. The laser heats hair follicles and eventually puts them in the state of dormancy. So, after that, follicles grow very slowly. The results are breathtaking but you must know that laser hair removal works best in people with thick hairs and light skin tone. If you fulfill the candidacy criteria, you will see a great improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Long-lasting Hair Reduction:

Laser Hair Removal is much better than traditional hair reduction techniques as its results are amazing, last for several years. But patients need to get this treatment multiple times to receive long-lasting hair reduction, and in most cases, 5 sessions are needed. It is very important to note that you will have to pay a large amount of money to obtain the type of results you want because every session is charged separately.

How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal?

Important Instructions:

  • You need to stop smoking and avoid drinking alcohol in order to obtain the best results.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs for at least a week prior to the treatment.
  • Patients should also avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before and after the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits:

All traditional hair removal techniques including waxing, tweezing, shaving etc. share one common downside, i-e the results are temporary. Hair tends to grow back within 15 to 20 days. On the other hand, laser hair removal produces permanent outcomes. Once facial and body hair is removed through laser, they do not grow back for at least 3 years. Although the permanent outcome is arguably the most important benefit of laser treatment, there is another key benefit that is often neglected. You can reveal this benefit by asking patients to answer this question: How quick is laser hair removal? Most patients will say it’s the quickest hair reduction method because a Laser beam usually takes only a fraction of a second to target 10-12 hair strands at a time.

When Will I see significant Results?

The time it takes for you to enjoy incredible results of laser hair removal can vary from person to person. Important things that could make big differences include hair texture, skin type, type of laser used, and number of treated areas. It is quite likely that you’ll see 10 to 20 percent hair reduction after every session so wait patiently to see the final outcome.

What does A Recovery from Laser Hair Removal Look Like?

When the procedure is done, you might be provided with ice packs and anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate post-treatment discomfort. For three to four days, the treated skin will look sunburned, and swollen. The doctor will also give you other instructions for better and quick recovery, you should follow all the instructions carefully.

Laser Hair Removal Cost:

The cost of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai varies from person to person depending upon the number of sessions, the geographical location of the clinic, fees of the practitioner, and a number of problem zones. Talk to a dermatologist to know the exact cost of Laser Hair Removal.

Wrapping Up This Blog!

You are requested to attend all the recommended sessions to obtain the results you want. Despite it is a wonderful hair reduction option, results are not 100 % permanent. However, the doctor decides how often you’ll receive laser hair removal based on your goals, size of the affected zone, and type of skin you have. So, a complete and thorough initial consultation is very important. Based on the data provided, the doctor will design a treatment plan that is time-saving and successful.

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