How much Nefertiti Lift Cost & What are its Side Effects

Every one of us demands of perfect facial appearance no matter in which age period we’re. Due to enhancement in the cosmetic industry and beauty trends, it’s very easy to maintain the lost shape of the face even in your 50s and 60s. However, aging isn’t the only reason behind this unwanted appearance as nowadays even youngsters are having double chins and loose saggy necks.

It’s the understood fact that non-surgical techniques are quite quick and instant rather than surgical ones. We’re proud to offer the Nefertiti Lift which is also known as non-surgical jaw contouring, without undergoing any sort of knife, you will grasp your beauty needs safely.

Here, we’re discussing how much Nefertiti Lift costs & what are its Side Effects in Dubai. But before we get into this, visualize yourself in the mirror and determine what are the exact changes you want in your appearance. This determination will help you and your consultant understand the particular aesthetic goals so there will be zero chance of getting inverse upshots.

About Nefertiti Lift!

Nefertiti lift is a non-invasive treatment for contouring the neck and jawline. It’s performed by injecting the Botulinum Toxin solution into the lower part of the face. An expert holds enough knowledge to target the specific parts of muscles to provide you with the facial look you’ve dreamed of.

It’s one of the best and most instant ways to provide you with a youthful look without any surgery. The dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is holding a 100% success rate of Nefertiti Lift as everyone gets effective results after getting this therapy from our professionals. Though, Dubai’s leading surgeons are providing quality services at our clinic.

How much does Nefertiti Lift Cost?

If you’re considering getting the Nefertiti Lift, the most basic query that will arise in your mind is the cost as everyone wants to know whether the treatment they’re getting is worth it or not.

In Dubai, the cost of this non-surgical approach is quite affordable when compared with other countries due to the great difference in their currency rates. Not only this, the world’s best surgeons are working there so it’s an all-in-one effective procedure when acquired in Dubai. For patients abroad, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers various travel packages including the cost of treatment and accommodation facilities however there is no such big deal for the ones who’re already living in Dubai.

The cost of Nefertiti Lift in Dubai ranges from AED 1800 to AED 5000 depending upon the facial condition and relative concern. In some extreme cases, patients can’t get enough of attending one session, another one might be required.

The uplifting of the jaw demands high expertise and extra concentration so make sure that you get the treatment from professional doctors as it’s the understood fact that experienced ones charge more as compared to the one who has recently joined this practice.

Moreover, you can consider some important factors on which the cost of Nefertiti depends:

  1. Treatment area & Number of sessions.
  2. The complexity of the procedure and Aesthetic demands.
  3. Treatment expense & Clinic location.

Complications & Side Effects of Nefertiti Lift:

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Nefertiti lift doesn’t result in severe complications or side effects as it’s the safest technique that involves the usage of Botulinum Toxin. Without undergoing any surgery, you will notice the improved jawline definition with a natural contour.

Side effects and complications of Nefertiti in Dubai can only be seen if you get the injection with an excessive amount of botulinum or if the injection is administered at the wrong site mistakenly. It has the same hitches associated with Botox. Have a look at some common major ones!

  1. Bruising, redness, swelling.
  2. Headache & Neck Pains.
  3. Flu Symptoms.
  4. Nausea & Weakness.

The above-listed problems are temporary and fade off within a few days of treatment as this approach doesn’t result in long-term difficulties.

Wrapping it up!

Nefertiti lift is the best short-term solution for enhancing the lower portion of the neck and face. Sufferers of loss and saggy chin appearance can grasp the prominent neck bands with this effective skin treatment. But before you get the therapy make sure that you’re well aware of its temporary results. As Nefertiti doesn’t repair the aging symptoms permanently, results usually last from 6 months to a year and you might be needing to attend another session too.

If you’re still having any doubts regarding how much Nefertiti Lift costs & what are its Side Effects in Dubai. You can feel free to send a query in chat or simply visit us!