pico laser treatment cost in dubai

To address a variety of skin discoloration conditions, from unwanted tattoo marks and sun damage to acne scars and stretch marks, Pico Laser Treatment—a targeted non-invasive, non-surgical laser treatment—has emerged as a relatively gentler, and hence less painful, way of treating the mentioned skin imperfections. It has come to be known for its more advanced and highly effective procedure, which is instrumental in limiting downtime, aiding skin rejuvenation, and eliminating the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues. Those wanting to do away with dark spots, premature aging, freckles, and tattoo marks can prefer this type of treatment over other conventional laser and skincare treatments. If you are looking for Pico laser treatment in Dubai, our blog will help you.

Working of Pico Laser Treatment:

Pico Laser Treatment works by sending heat-free, short-pulsed laser energy to the specified pigmented lesions or tattoo marks directly through a handheld device. Without requiring any anesthetics to be applied, it only exposes the skin to laser energy for a nanosecond, thus reducing the chance of skin damage. Only the problem tissues are damaged and then eliminated naturally. It works by encouraging more elastin and collagen production in skin layers, which, as a result, helps in achieving the desired complexion.

Skin Conditions Treated by Pico Laser Treatment:

The spectrum of skin conditions making up the potential targets for Pico Laser Treatment is wide and variegated. However, mentioned below are three of the most common skin concerns for which it comes in handy:

  • It is most suited to tattoo removal from anywhere across the body. It is effective against all kinds of pigmentation, from superficial to deep, and against inks of all colors. The high specifications of the device are helpful in increasing the speed of shattering of ink particles that are most difficult to remove such as the particles of purple, yellow, and dark green pigments.
  • Acne scars are one of the most difficult skin imperfections to remove and they can last for many years. Pico Laser Treatment, through causing thermal injuries, stimulates collagen production to rejuvenate the skin at spots affected by acne. In this way, it turns out to be the most effective, provenly harmless, and extremely precise treatment of acne scars.
  • Pico Laser is the definitive solution to skin conditions like sun damage, birthmarks, stretch marks, and other forms of discoloration. It treats defective skin colors by limiting inflammatory pigmentations in the targeted area.

Advantage Over Conventional Forms of Treatment:

Pico Laser Treatment is distinguished from the conventional forms of treatments that preceded it in the following ways:

  • It is safer as compared to other forms of treatment because it works in a highly precise, targeted manner, damaging only the problem tissues. Thus, it can be used anywhere across the skin without causing redness and swelling of the skin. Above all, it is not painful and has no or limited side effects.
  • Treatment sessions are short and without any demand for downtime. It only takes a few minutes for a session. Furthermore, the desired results are achieved in fewer sessions as compared to other laser or skincare treatments.
  • For the most part, it depends on the body’s natural healing process with the stimulation and production of more collagen and elastin, thus facilitating tissue healing.

Pico Laser Treatment’s Cost in Dubai:

Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular. As far as the price of Pico treatment in Dubai is concerned, it varies according to the clinic that you have chosen as well as the type of package. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, there are five packages that are offered: extra small for AED 300, small for AED 500, medium for AED 800, large for AED 1100, and extra-large for AED 1500. Therefore, to know the exact price, you will need to consult your dermatologist.

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