PICO Laser in Dubai | How Long Does Skin Lesion Removal Take?

Glass skin is the skin goal. No matter if it is facial or overall appearance. Everyone wants a spotless body. Unfortunately, not everything we desire comes naturally to us. And even if, we are born lucky to enjoy a flawless body. Genetics could reverse it all as you start to grow older. This is where the expertise of medical sciences takes charge. And aims to target the issues hitting a bull’s eye. Read more about; How Long Does A Skin Lesion Removal Take? And discover how PICO Laser In Dubai acts to dismiss the problem.

What is a Skin Lesion?

This skin condition is also known as Seborrheic Keratosis. This is a common problem among elderly people. Or those who happen to be much fond of spending long hours on the beach or sunbathing. The problem is also referred to as rough patches. And tend to destroy the aesthetic appearance of a person’s body. But the happy news is; it is not cancerous in general. But if you feel itchiness or spots begin to bleed from time to time. It could be an alarming situation indeed. Hence, you should reach out for medical help without further delay.

How Long Does it Take to Remove It?

Thanks to advanced and modern Laser Treatments, the stubborn problem can be dismissed in less than half an hour. But the duration may vary from person to person. This is because sometimes, the lesions are much denser and spread all over the place. Whereas, for some candidates, it is just a few countable spots. 

What is PICO Laser in Dubai?

There are both invasive and non-invasive approaches to tackling the problem. But the most effective and fast method is through Laser technology. And for this specific problem, experts use PICO Laser in Dubai & Abu Dhabi because; it is very safe. And reason number two; it does not damage the surrounding skin at all. So you will get faster results. And rapid healing without any pain or prolonged recovery time. However, another session or two will be more helpful in completely clearing the lesions away.

How is the Method Performed?

Below is a step-by-step guide for you to get a brief idea about the action;

  • The Dermatologist will examine your problem. And discuss the likely outcomes for you.
  • He/She will cleanse the skin. And apply a numbing cream on top. This will help you to go through a painless experience. 
  • In a few minutes, the action will begin. And the PICO device will be switched on to act.
  • The beams are drawn onto the region under care.
  • The good news about the treatment is; there is no bleeding involved. 
  • And that is it. In the end, the expert will apply a soothing gel on top. And you are good to go home. 

What are the Benefits of PICO Laser in Dubai?

There are so many benefits to PICO Laser Treatment in Dubai. Read to learn more:

  • The final reveal is new flawless skin. This will happen within a week. When the skin is fully healed from the inflammation post-treatment.
  • The heat from the laser will penetrate deep inside the dermis. This will promote collagen production. And help the skin to heal smoothly.
  • It is a spot treatment. The laser light will only work on the area under care. This means the surrounding skin is not affected at all.
  • You will not feel conscious about your skin anymore. And confidently enjoy your days on the beach.
  • Another great news is, there are zero side effects. And no recovery at all.
  • The results are longer lasting. And the skin will not have any memory of the scars.
  • The pigment can reduce in one session. But you can opt for another one or two to meet your desired standards.
  • Finally, the duration is short. It can take as few as 30 minutes or an hour depending on the conditions of the patient. 

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