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There is no such thing as a standard figure. Everyone, we believe, is lovely in their own way. Perhaps you may have your own specific body shape goals. If that’s the case, professional body sculpting treatments could be a good fit for you. Among the most effective body contouring treatment is lipo contouring. This excellent approach allows you to lose several inches from your body.

Do you want to know “how much does lipo contouring cost in Dubai?” What are the factors to take into account? And does insurance cover it? Read ahead. This blog post covers everything related to the costs.

General Cost:

The general cost estimate of lipo contouring in Dubai is AED 8,000 for a smaller area and 20,000 for larger area. This price can, however, fluctuate depending on the number of sessions required, the amount of extra fat, the surgeon’s skills, and more.

Cost Factors:

Let’s take a closer look at the primary cost-determinants:

Type of Liposuction:

Cannula-assisted liposuction, laser liposuction, and Vaser liposuction are some of the different types of liposuction. In general, approximately 85% of patients achieve excellent results with cannula-assisted liposuction. It’s worth noting, though, that laser liposuction is a less intrusive operation and usually costs less.

Operation type:

Both inpatient and outpatient lipo contouring procedures are available. An outpatient procedure allows you to go home the same day, but an inpatient procedure requires you to stay overnight. As a result, the price will most likely reflect this.

The clinic’s location:

Lipo contouring costs vary significantly from clinic to clinic. The clinic’s location is, in reality, considered the most important cost determinant. In general, larger cities like Dubai or New York City will be more expensive than smaller towns.

No matter how high the cost is, choose a clinic that has reputed and certified cosmetic surgeons because only they can provide you with natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Treatment Area:

The cost will be reasonably inexpensive if the operation merely involves removing fat from a smaller area like the neck or ankles. When you need fat reduction from the entire body, though, the procedure’s extent necessitates higher costs. This is due to the fact that it will require more effort and time of the surgeon to give you the body contouring effects that you want.

The Type of Anesthesia Used:

Another factor that affects the price of lipo contouring in Dubai is the type and level of anesthetic used. In general, the cost of a larger dose of general anesthesia is higher.

The Amount of Fat Removed:

The neck, arms, legs, thighs, stomach, and even the knees can all benefit from lipo contouring. But remember, the more fat you want to get rid of and the larger the area to improve, the more expensive the procedure will be.

Number of sessions:

Most liposuction procedures employ more than one session to deliver the desired results. Laser lipo, for example, requires a minimum of three sessions to remove extra fat. So, the cost will continue to increase as the number of sessions required increases.

Insurance Coverage:

Because lipo contouring is an elective procedure, it is usually not covered by health insurance. However, there is no need to be concerned; most cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai provide financing options to help you finance your procedure.

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